Tourists from home and abroad who visit Hainan within a year after the COVID-19 epidemic will be offered a specially designed free travel insurance product.

The new program is regarded as a major step initiated by the Hainan Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television, and Sports toward reducing the impact of the epidemic on the development of local tourism industry and regaining the confidence of local tourism enterprises and tourists.

The insurance will provide tourists guarantees for loss of life or medical expenses associated with bodily injuries caused by infectious disease such as the novel coronavirus and dengue fever, natural disasters (typhoons, floods, rainstorms, lightning, and/or other natural disasters) or other force majeure events. The insurance coverage will be valid from the date of arrival on Hainan Island to 24:00 of the date of departure from the island. Considering the incubation period for infectious diseases, the insurance coverage will be extended for extra 14 days from the date of the tourist’s departure from Hainan Island for health and safety issues related to the infectious disease.

One of the insurance products states that it will cover tourists for up to RMB 10,000 in the accommodation and transportation expenses (including but not limited to round-trip air tickets, ferry tickets, train tickets, inter-provincial long-distance bus tickets) caused by infectious disease such as the novel coronavirus and dengue fever in Hainan. The reimbursement is based on the actual accommodation and transportation expenses incurred by the tourists.

Tourists who travel to Hainan for no more than 90 days (regardless of whether they travel as short-term tourists or reside in Hainan) are eligible to be covered by this insurance product. To apply for the coverage in the travel insurance, tourists are required to provide to insurers their ID cards/passports and certain receipts showing transportation costs, accommodation expenses, or entry tickets, to prove their intent to enter Hainan as tourists.