The Sanya Phoenix International Airport has been authorized by the Civil Aviation Administration of China to increase aircraft movements per hour on its runway system, allowing the airport to operate 25 flights per hour, an increase over the airport’s past capacity of 20 flights per hour. The change took effect on January 10th, 2020.

The flight capacity enhancement is aimed at improving the airport’s airspace capacity and increasing its operational efficiency.

In recent years, the air traffic capacity at the Sanya airport has grown continually. In 2019, passenger throughput at the airport surpassed the 20-million-per-year mark for the second year in a row, and international/regional tourists traveling via the airport’s international terminal hit a record one million for the first time. The new records reflect progress in the airport’s steady development.

The latest increase in capacity is the result of various actions and processes, which began with infrastructure improvement in the airport’s terminals, aprons, and services – efforts that were aimed at meeting increasing demand since 2010.

Construction is now basically complete on the airport’s phase III expansion project, started in 2010. That project included the construction of a West District Freight Apron (also known as the Business Apron), which passed final acceptance checks on January 7th, 2020. The Sanya airport also added 12 new airport aprons, bringing the airport’s total number of aprons to 83.

Meanwhile, the international terminal building reconstruction project was officially completed, and the new building opened for use, on January 10th, 2020. The airport’s terminal building is now 107,000 square meters in size, and capable of handling passenger traffic of 23 to 25 million people annually.

The recent flight capacity enhancements will bring new opportunities for the development of Sanya’s aviation tourism market. The Sanya airport is working to capitalize on the full range of economic functions available, using its position as a transport hub to develop a comprehensive transport system, terminal buildings, aviation city commercial projects, and international cargo transit businesses, with the aim of developing into a commercial complex integrating cross-border shopping, catering and entertainment, cultural displays, and more.

According to relevant research data from the International Airport Association, for every million passengers who pass through the airport, a total economic benefit of RMB 1.81 billion is generated, and 5,300 related jobs are created. The increase in flight capacity will help to boost the Sanya airport’s passenger throughput, while also playing a positive role in promoting the economic development of Sanya City.