The Tianya Haijiao Scenic Spot unveiled a new interactive and immersive entertainment project called “Tianya Deep Sea Adventure” on January 1st, 2020. The multimedia show takes tourists into a magic world of light and shadows.


The project was jointly developed by Sanya Tianya Haijiao Tourism Development Co., Ltd., and Hainan Tianke Culture and Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

The immersive show merges front-projected holographic display technology, light-and-shadow interaction technology, 3D mapping stereographic projection, virtual reality technology, and interactive multimedia installations to take visitors on an amazing undersea journey.


The Tianya Deep Sea Adventure, themed “Crossing the Mariana Trench,” features eight interactive and multimedia installations, as follows: “Song of Life,” “Journey of Love,” “Storm,” “Illusory World,” “Fantasy Raft-ride,” “Magic Undersea Walk,” “Deep Sea Exploration,” “Art of the Ocean,” and “360-degree Circular-screen Theater.” Together, the eight shows allow visitors to enjoy immersive visual experiences of the deep sea.