The 2019 Hainan (Sanya) Women’s World Nine-Ball Championship will be held from December 12th to 19th, in Sanya.

The tournament will be hosted by the following organizations: the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA); the Chinese Billiards and Snooker Association (CBSA); and Guo’ao Group.

The eight-day event will feature top female players from home and abroad competing for total prize money of USD $175,000. The championship winner will take home USD $44,000. WPA World top-10 players, including Chen Siming, Liu Shasha, Kelly Fisher, and Jasmin Ouschan, will compete for the title.

The Women’s Nine-Ball World Championship was founded in 1990, and was introduced to China in 2009. The tournament has been held in five locations in China — Shenyang, Guilin, Emeishan, Hainan’s Chengmai County, and Sanya City.

This will be the second consecutive year that Sanya hosts the world’s most prestigious women’s nine-ball event, which it also hosted in 2018.

2019 Hainan (Sanya) Women’s World Nine-Ball Championship
Date: December 12th to 19th, 2019
Venue: Jinghai Hotel & Resort三亚京海国际假日酒店
Website: www.cbsa.org.cn
WeChat: 世界女子9球锦标赛