The 1st Sanya International Flower Tourism Festival will be held from December 20th, 2019, to February 29th, 2020.

Dongtian Park will be the main venue for the festival this year, with seven sub-venues to be established at the following locations: Tianya Haijiao Scenic Spot, Luhuitou Park, Linchun Forest Park, Beauty Crown Plaza, Dadonghai Square, Yalong Bay Love Cube Coastal Paradise, and the Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Complex.

During the event, there will be five orchid competitions including a single-orchid competition, a pot-orchid competition, an orchid floral art competition, an orchid landscaping competition, and an integrated flower landscape competition with a total of 76 awards.

The event will attract exhibitors from overseas countries and regions, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, and USA, and showcase more than 50,000 valuable potted orchids and floral landscape artworks.

Besides, the event lineup will feature a series of floral-themed activities including lectures on orchid plantations and floral arts, a floral photography competition, and a floral tourism exchange conference.

Orchid Competition Awards


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Website: www.syiftf.com
Main Venue: Dongtian Park/大小洞天旅游区
– Tianya Haijiao Scenic Spot/天涯海角游览区
– Luhuitou Park/鹿回头风景区
– Linchun Forest Park/临春岭森林公园
– Beauty Crown Plaza/美丽之冠
– Dadonghai Square/大东海广场
– Yalong Bay Love Cube Coastal Paradise/亚龙湾爱立方滨海乐园
– Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Complex/海棠湾免税城