Fueled by the “Hainan International Free Trade Zone” construction initiative, and by the goal of helping Hainan develop into a model province for holistic tourism, Sanya is on its way to perfecting its tourism sector by accelerating structural reform, balancing supply and demand, and enriching tourism products.

The city is pushing forward integration of different industries with tourism, and has launched  ten “Tourism +” tourism brands, in an effort to help build Sanya into an international consumption center.

Tourism + Family

– A global trade hub city for parent-child tourism resources


Sanya Family Travel Guide

The 2018 Sanya Family Tourism Fair was successfully held in Sanya. Nearly 300 representatives from family-oriented travel operators, educational institutions, online travel agents, family travel communities, and the hospitality industry attended the event. Deals worth RMB 580 million were reached during the fair.

To promote family tourism in Sanya, the local government has created reports on Sanya’s family holiday tourism sector, which help provide references for Sanya’s future family tourism development.

Enrich parent-child tourism products and improve the internationalization of parent-child tourism infrastructure

Sanya offers ever growing family-oriented facilities and resort activities. A range of family-dedicated tourism programs are constructed in Sanya, including the Atlantis Sanya, Haitang Bay Paddy National Park, Sanya Fantasy Town, Mangrove Tree World Resort Sanya Bay, and more.

The city currently features more than 50 internationally acclaimed hotel chains spread throughout the city. Each hotel has extensive facilities and resort activities designed for family guests.

Tourism + MICE

– Widen brand awareness of the MICE industry

Sanya has launched a financial support policy to boost the development of its MICE industry from 2018 to 2025. In recent years, a number of domestic and international MICE events have been held in Sanya, including the Sanya MICE Resource Inspection and Sourcing Fair, the Hainan International Tourism Trade Expo, the Sanya International Culture Trade Industry Fair, and more.

Tourism + Wedding

– Striving to be China’s capital for weddings and honeymoons

Ten wedding photography bases have been established across the city, all of which aim to help promote Sanya’s holistic tourism industry.

Sanya is promoting its wedding tourism brand with a “Go Out” and “Invite In” marketing strategy. A number of major wedding promotional events have been held in Sanya, as well as at some major domestic cities in China, including the 2018 Sanya Destination Wedding Expo in Haitang Bay, the 2018 Wedding Industry Summit, and the Sanya Global Wedding and Honeymoon Island Forum.

Tourism + Sports

– Sports events to boost tourism

Sanya will promote deeper integration of tourism with the sports industry with the goal of introducing quality international sports events, as well as further developing the city’s local sporting brands, which will feature sailing, cycling, surfing, and horse racing. The city will also accelerate the construction of sports tourism demonstration zones, ranging from sea fishing and diving to beach sports.

Tourism + Culture

– Outstanding performance in culture and tourism promotion


In recent years, Sanya has focused on a handful of cultural projects and festivals with local features with the aim of further boosting the development of the city’s cultural tourism industry.

These cultural projects and events include Sanya Romance Park, the Hainan International Film Festival, the Sanya ISY Music Festival, and more, with the ultimate goal of helping Sanya City develop into a “holistic tourism resort city.”

Tourism + Cruise & Yachting

– Easing policies to create a boom in the city’s yacht industry.

Cruise tourism

Sanya will be the home port of Chinese-funded cruises, with flags of convenience. This new measure will enrich and upgrade tourism products and optimize tourism resources in Sanya.

Yacht tourism

Sanya has been actively creating a series of pilot projects, such as the launch of a Sanya yacht tourism service center, an Implementation Plan for “Free Cruising” for Yachts from Hong Kong and Macao in the China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone, a simplified entry/exit requirement policy for overseas visiting yachts, and a yacht industry cluster. The city will also focus on the development of more tour routes for overseas yachts, thereby cultivating new hot spots of tourism consumption for Sanya.

Tourism + Healthcare

– A major medical tourism destination in China

Sanya is stepping up efforts to help the city develop into a healthcare destination.

Focusing on medical treatment, rehabilitation, and health promotion, Sanya will introduce internationally renowned health care institutions to build a high-end foundation for the international medical tourism market.

Currently, a series of key healthcare tourism projects are moving forwardly smoothly. Major projects aimed at boosting healthcare tourism include the Peking University Hospital of Stomatology, Haitang Bay Healthcare Park, and Shang Gong Gu Valley.

Sanya will also tap its characteristic resources of vast coastal areas, tropical rain forests, and hot springs to cultivate innovative healthcare and leisure products, and develop a high-end and characteristic medical tourism service system.

Tourism + Shopping

– An international tourism consumption center

Hainan has raised the offshore duty-free shopping allowance for domestic and international visitors, with the aim of boosting its tourism and domestic consumption as the island works to become an international free trade port.

Tourism + City Gourmet

The city is promoting its city gourmet brand via multiple campaigns, including via the selection of “Time-honored Brand” restaurants, as well as by unveiling a new city gourmet tourism promotion video.

Tourism + Education

Ten demonstration bases have been established in Sanya to promote the “study tour + tourism” sector.

In September 2018, the Sanya Tourism Association’s Family Study Tour Committee was established. The new committee uses its own industry expertise, integrated with Sanya’s tourism resources, to create a family-friendly holiday atmosphere for travelers, and to develop more quality family tour products catered to families’ various needs.