On July 23th, 2019, the Hainan Tourist Hotel Industry Association announced an initiative to reduce the use of disposable consumables in the hospitality industry in Hainan.

According to the proposal, starting from September 1st, 2019, hotels in Hainan will no longer automatically provide a number of disposable amenities to their guests in room services except at the request of guests. The proposal is part of an effort to reduce waste and pursue green development.

Hotels in Hainan will no longer supply nail files, shaving kits, polishers, moisturizer, envelopes, sewing bags, disposable slippers, or cotton swabs.

According to the proposal, hotels can carry out their own action plans in order to reduce the supply of types and quantities of disposable amenities according to the actual situation of each hotel and the needs of customers. At the same time, hotels can inform guests of the new measures via online and offline channels, as well as take appropriate measures to provide convenient services for guests and meet their relevant requirements in a timely manner.

By the end of 2018, there were 5,064 hotels in Hainan in total, with a total of about 300,000 guest rooms and nearly 500,000 beds. If hotels across the island followed suit in not offering disposable amenities, it would be a significant step towards reducing the amount of waste in Hainan.