On August 9th, 2019, the Sanya People’s Municipal Government approved the implementation of a detailed plan (a revised and integrated version) for central urban area of Sanya. The main goal of the plan is to protect the area’s natural environment, improve services in the central urban area, and develop public service facilities, municipal utilities, and the regional economy and society.


Scope of the plan

With a total area of 160 square kilometers, the planned central urban area will cover the region that includes Sanya Ring Expressway to the north, Sanya Bay to the south, the High-tech Industrial Park to the east, and Taling Area to the west.

Development positioning


The development of the central urban area of Sanya will lead development of the area’s international modern service industry, improve the area’s comprehensive service level, and help the central urban area develop into an international tourism consumption center, a global free trade service center, an aviation/cruise/yacht hub, and a regional city service center.

Functional layout structure

The city will integrate strategic resources, and the plan will aim for a strategy that includes land and sea planning, industry and city development integration, and old and new linkages in the central urban area.


A functional layout structure will be formed, which includes “one core,” “one cluster,” “one belt,” “eco corridor,” and “multiple groups.”

“One core” refers to free trade and the core of integrated urban services.

“One cluster” refers to the CBD area along Yingbin Road, integrating the headquarters economy and business offices.

“One belt” refers to the Sanya Bay Coastal Development Zone, including the Phoenix Island Cruise Terminal, Phoenix Coast, Hongtang Bay International Convention and Exhibition Center, Xiaoqi Port, and the Long-term Construction Vitality Center.

“Eco-corridor” refers to the urban green parks system and key landscape corridors in the central urban area.

“Multiple groups” refers to a number of special functional groups that provide services for the Hainan Free-trade Zone (port), including Phoenix Coast, Yuechuan, Dong’an, Hailuo, Baopo New City, Nandingnan, Hongtang Bay International Convention and Exhibition Center, Chonghui, Miaolin, and Jinjiling.

Public service facilities


Municipal cultural facilities: These will be mainly concentrated in Baopo New City, the headquarters economy area, and the central business start-up area. Plans have been made to build a Sanya Cultural Center in Baopo New Town, an International Convention and Exhibition Center in the Hongtangwan Area, and a culture and art landmark in the Phoenix Coast Area.

Residential area-level cultural facilities: At least one residential-level cultural facility in Jiyang and Hongsha residential areas is planned.

Community-level cultural facilities: The city intends to build community-level comprehensive cultural facilities in residential areas or public buildings.

Land for educational facilities

The city plans to build 98 kindergartens, 19 primary schools, five middle schools, eight primary and middle schools, and three international schools. It also plans to expand three primary schools and one middle school.

Medical and healthcare land

More city-level hospitals and district-level hospitals will be built or expanded. The Hainan Nongken Sanya Hospital, the Sanya People’s Hospital, and the 425 Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army will be expanded. The South Mental Health Center, the Sanya Hospital for Infectious Diseases, the Sanya Baopo Hospital, the Sanya Medical Emergency Rescue Center, the Hailuo International Hospital, the Sanya College Hospital, and the Dabing River General Hospital will be built.

In addition, the Sanya City Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Sanya Maternal and Child Health Hospital will be relocated to Jiyang District. In addition, 65 community health service stations will be built.

Sports facilities

Sports facilities will be equipped according to needs at the city level, residential area level, and community level.

1. The city plans to build a Sanya Sports Center in Baopo New Town, and retain sports venues at Sanya Technical School.

2. In accordance with national regulations, the city will build corresponding sports facilities, and integrate landscaped land and waterfront park green space in order to build a residential-level national fitness park at the appropriate scale.

3. The city will create residential green space or community cultural facilities, set up outdoor fitness venues (including outdoor equipment venues and slow runways), basketball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, venues for children’s activities, and other facilities.

Traffic system


The city plans to coordinate major regional transportation facilities, strengthen transportation links between the airport, high-speed railways, the cruise terminal, and expressways, and build a three-dimensional transportation system for land, sea, and air.