The new-energy vehicle industry is taking shape in Sanya, with a new-energy vehicle promotion service center unveiled at Sanya New-energy Vehicle Town in Jiyang District.


The service center includes two floors. The first floor of the center features an exhibition area where technical data, accessories, and materials are on display, showing to the public the history of the industrial development of new-energy vehicles. The second floor is an exhibition hall displaying prototypes of new energy vehicles. At present, 10 different types of new-energy automobile products from the BAIC Group are on display.


The new-energy vehicle town is located near Sanya’s Yalong Bay Railway Station. Later, more functional zones will gradually be opened at the town, including a new-energy vehicle test experience zone, a new-energy vehicle service zone, a new-energy vehicle retail zone, and a supporting service zone.

Many leading domestic new-energy automobile manufacturers are angling to be based in Sanya New-energy Vehicle Town. The town is built to help upgrade the new energy vehicle industry chain in the city.

The new-energy vehicle town will become an ecological industry demonstration zone for intelligent new energy vehicles that feature innovative technology. The facility will be complete with supporting facilities and leading demonstration applications.

2019 China Clean Energy Vehicle Championship to be held in Sanya in Nov



The 2019 China Clean Energy Vehicle Championship (CEVC) will be held in Sanya in November, 2019 . Over 20 new energy cars made by 15 manufacturers are set to join in races and tests.

According to the organizing committee, the event will be based on consumers’ daily driving habits and need for cars, closely following the development trend of new energy vehicles promotion in Hainan.

It will be dedicated to establishing a platform where clean energy vehicle makers from home and abroad can exchange ideas, realize the resource sharing, as well as showcase the latest products and technologies by organizing a number of races, as well as performing the testing events and verification of charging poles.

As a key part of the Global New Energy Vehicle Evaluation Conference, the event will introduce a new energy vehicle and innovative technology expo, an event to select clean energy vehicle ambassadors, as well as an environmental protection campaign.

CEVC 2019 is an event launched by the Chinese Automotive Technology and Research Center and the Federation of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports of China. It is the first innovative new energy car event in China that uses unmodified production vehicles in races and has become one of the most influential new energy vehicle events in China.