The organizing committee of the “Impression Tianya” Photography Contest 2019 was pleased to announce the contest’s award-winning pieces on August 12th, 2019.

Both professional and amateur photographers submitted about 2,000 photographic works to the contest’s organizing committee since the contest was officially launched this February.

The photography contest covered three topics — “Human Culture,” “Natural Scenery,” and “Old Sanya.” After a three-month-long evaluation and selection process, the winners of the first, second, and third-place prizes in the aforementioned three categories, and 27 award-winning photos were announced.

Natural Scenery


Photo by Liu Renwei/刘人玮


Photo by Tang Chuanbin/唐传斌


Photo by Meng Mingzhu/蒙明珠


Photo by Liu Weixin/刘伟鑫


Photo by Chen Yeting/陈叶婷


Photo by Pan Qiang/潘强


Photo by Huang Zhen/黄镇


Photo by Yang Ning/杨宁


Photo by Ren Zhicai/任志才


Human Culture


11Photo by Lin Yumei/林玉梅


Photo by Hou Peixue/侯培学


Photo by Li Xinyan/李欣彦


Photo by Chen Wenwu/陈文武


Photo by Liu Shiping/刘世平


Photo by Chen Yingzhuan/陈颖专


Photo by Fu Zhiyan/付志岩


Photo by Zhang Mao/张茂


Photo by Lu Xiubo/卢秀波


Old Sanya

  20Photo by Ren Zhicai/任志才


Photo by Chen Yingzhuan/陈颖专


Photo by Sun Qing/孙清


Photo by Huang Qingyou/黄庆优


Photo by Huang Qingyou/黄庆优


Photo by Chen Yingzhuan/陈颖专


Photo by Han Mingxin/韩铭新


Photo by Sun Qing/孙清


Photo by Sun Qing/孙清

The winning works demonstrate that Sanya has all the charms and attractions that are the hallmark of an international tourism city. Among the many outstanding winning photos were pictures of marvelous natural landscapes, local customs, and the social and economic development of modern Tianya.