On July 25th, 2019, a special ceremony was held in Sanya to mark the beginning of the recruitment of volunteers.

The Asian Beach Games event will feature 17 sports, including sailing, surfing, powered paragliding, beach water polo, beach volleyball, beach athletics, beach handball, beach woodball, duathlon, motorboating, dragon boat racing, three-on-three basketball, sports climbing, table football, beach wrestling, beach kabaddi, and beach soccer.

1. Registration timeline

The registration deadline for recruitment of “backbone volunteers”: August 25th, 2019

Registration deadline for recruitment of event volunteers in the first phase: September 25th, 201

2. Place of service: Sanya

3. Requirements for volunteers:

The requirements for “backbone volunteers” are as follows:

1. At least 18 years old and in good health

2. Strong communication and teamwork skills;

3. Candidates must abide by the administrative regulations of the working departments of the Sanya Organizing Committee of the Asian Beach Games 2020;

4. Candidates with experience in volunteer service for large-scale competitions will be preferred; native Chinese speakers should be able to communicate in a foreign language, or possess certain writing knowledge and skills;

5. Service time: No less than two working days per week; five working days are preferred. The service period for core volunteers should not exceed one year, and service periods of those with excellent performance can be extended appropriately upon application.

6. Place of service: Sanya Organizing Committee of the Asian Beach Games 2020

Qualifications for recruitment of other types of volunteers

1. At least years old and in good health;

2. Strong communication and teamwork skills;

3. Candidates must abide by China’s laws and regulations;

4. Native Chinese speakers should be able to communicate in a foreign language or languages, and applicants whose first language is not Chinese should be able to engage in conversation in Chinese;

5. Candidates with experience in volunteer service for large-scale competitions are preferred.

6. Candidates should be able to participate in pre-games training and related activities;

4. Incentives

1. Accreditation card

2. Uniform and necessary equipment

3. Meals during service hours

4. Personal Accident Insurance during the period of work

5. Volunteers will work no more than eight hours each day.

6. “Backbone volunteers” and games-time volunteers will be provided with transportation and mobile communication subsidies during the service period;

7. Volunteer service certificates and badges will be provided to volunteers. Excellent volunteers, teams, and organizations will be granted honorary titles;

5. Volunteer types and services

Over 4,000 volunteers will be recruited for four major categories: city image ambassadors, backbone volunteers, games-time volunteers, and city volunteers.

(1) City Image Ambassadors

A total of 10 city image ambassadors will be selected across Hainan province, and will be responsible for publicity work, including for making posters and promotional videos. They will also participate in various online and off-line activities.

(2) Backbone Volunteers

"Backbone volunteers” are those who directly participate in the daily work or special activities of various departments of the Sanya Executive Committee for Asian Beach Games 2020. They will be mainly engaged in supplementary work such as administration, secretarial, legal services, photography, information technology, propaganda, logistical support, and language services. Their service period is no less than one year. The first cohort of 33 backbone volunteers will be selected before August 25th, 2019.

(3) Games-time Volunteers

Games-time volunteers will be recruited to mainly provide voluntary services at venues (including competition venues, training venues, and non-competition venues). According to the specific needs of Asian Beach Games operations, some games-time volunteers will not serve at a fixed venue as their positions are mobile.

The major service areas of games-time volunteers services will include guest reception, language translation, transportation, security, medical service, spectator guiding, communication organization support, venue operation support, media operation support, cultural events support, and other areas designated by the Sanya Organizing Committee.

Volunteers for the Asian Beach Games 2020 in Sanya will mainly be recruited in Hainan, with college students serving as the main source of volunteers. A certain number of personnel will be civil servants in relevant departments, residents of various provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, and overseas Chinese and foreigners.

(4) City Volunteers

City volunteers will provide services at major transportation hubs, business centers, tourist attractions, public squares and parks, and other places around the city. Unlike those who will work directly for the Games, city volunteers will be responsible for giving tourists directions, first aid, and answering any queries to help visitors get around during the Asian Beach Games in Sanya.

Those who are interested can sign up to volunteer through the official website of the Asian Beach Games 2020 http://www.sanya2020.cn