There are plenty of beautiful places in and around Sanya that are fantastic for cycling on weekends. Going on a cycling holiday with your friends and family allows you to explore and discover hidden parts of this incredible area and take in the sweeping vistas of forests, coastlines, ethnic villages, and historical towns in the region.

Here are four recommended cycling routes in Lingshui County, perfect for a fun cycling holiday on any given weekend.

Lingshui River 陵河景观带

Riding a bicycle along the Lingshui River is an enjoyable and casual way to spend a day.


In the morning, you can find many locals going about their usual business, usually relaxing and chatting for hours in the shade of trees. You’ll also see tourists enjoying the sights along the river, and elderly ladies practicing dance in the fresh air.


Cycling route: Haiyun Square (海韵广场) → Binhe South Road (滨河南路) → Zhongzhou International Hotel (中州国际酒店) → Lingshui Sports Stadium (陵水体育广场)

Shuikou Temple水口庙

Shuikou Temple is located at the foot of Xiagangling Ridge at the mouth of Shuikou Port in Lingshui River. It is the largest and most prosperous temple in Lingshui. Riding slowly from Lingshui County along the eastern section of Binhe South Road, riders can enjoy the scenery along the coastline, and then take a boat to Shuikou Temple after arriving at the ferry. As the boat slowly coasts along the winding river, riders can take in the beautiful scenery, and view the towering coconut trees along the coast of Coconut Island.


People who come to Shuikou Temple usually burn incense and pray for happiness, health, and a prosperous future for the whole family.


Cycling route: Haiyun Square (海韵广场) → Binghe South Road (滨河南路) → Zhuozai Ferry (卓载渡口) → Shuikou Temple (水口庙)

Guangpo Town光坡镇乡村骑


Guangpo Town allows riders to appreciate rural village scenery, combine exercise with fun, and enjoy good food and outstanding cultural highlights en route. When tired of riding, cyclists can choose to rest at the cycling stations and farmhouses, or enjoy fruit picking at local orchards.


Cycling route: Haiyun Square (海韵广场) → Guangpo Township (光坡镇) → Fenghuang Farmstay (凤凰农庄)

Qunying Cycling Greenway群英骑行绿道

Qunying Township is located 28 kilometers away from Lingshui County. It is a mountainous area inhabited by the Li ethnic minority group. Qunying Cycling Greenway features one of the most beautiful greenways in Lingshui, linking the scenic villages throughout the town.


This route takes cyclists to the Qunying River, Tierwai Village, Fenpo Village, Zutun Village, Mufu Village, and other beautiful rural attractions.


Cycling route: Haiyun Square (海韵广场) → Yelin South Avenue (椰林南干道) → Beidou Primary School (北斗小学) → Lingwen Road (陵文路) → Wenluo Township (文罗镇) → Qunying Road (群英路) → Qunying Township (群英镇)