A achievement has been reached for law enforcement in Sanya, as the Sanya Police Bureau has partnered with Sichuan Xiangyun General Aviation Co., Ltd., in achieving the capability to conduct aerial patrol missions. The new program improves the bureau’s efficiency and capacity to serve the public.


The aircraft that will be used for the aerial patrols is a Bell 407 utility helicopter. The aircraft will be flown and serviced by a team of professional pilots, aircraft maintenance management service professionals, and a ground crew team. The Sanya Police Inspection Station in Yalong Bay will provide a landing pad for the aircraft.

The Sanya Police Bureau plans to acquire four helicopters for aerial patrols this year. The other three helicopters will begin service within six months.

Apart from cracking down on serious crime, the police helicopter fleet will be responsible for directing ground traffic, supporting disaster-relief campaigns, as well as dealing with large-scale activity security and other air rescue missions.