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On June 18th, 2019, the Hainan Provincial Government unveiled an Implementation Plan for “Free Cruising” for Yachts from Hong Kong and Macao in the China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone. The new policy details convenient and innovative measures that aim to facilitate entry/exit procedures, cruising, and berthing of yachts from Hong Kong and Macao in Hainan Province.

Under the policy, Hainan will adopt a new convenient customs clearance management mode known as “fixed position docking with nearby joint-inspection.” That means that yachts from Hong Kong and Macao will be allowed to berth at nearby open yacht marinas, or to sail along prescribed routes to call at designated marinas which have not been widely accessible to the public, after going through entry procedures.

When yachts from Hong Kong and Macao apply for departure clearance, they must leave the country directly after going through exit procedures. They are not allowed to stop at other docks or berths, except for special cases approved by the local port inspection authorities.

The five ports in Hainan are designated as the first batch of entry-exit ports for yachts from Hong Kong and Macao. They are Sanya Visun Royal International Yacht Port, Haikou Port, Qinglan Port, Yangpu Port, and Basuo Port. The six marinas — including the Sanya Visun Royal International Yacht Marina, Sanya Serenity Marina, Clearwater Bay Yacht Marina, Shimei Bay Yacht Marina, Haikou Xinbu Island Yacht Mairna, and Haikou Huacai Jetpon Marina — are designated yacht berthing marinas.

Yachts from Hong Kong and Macao can enter eight scenic water areas with temporary approvals. They are Dongying, Boao, Shimei Bay, Haitang Bay, Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, Longmu Bay, Qizi Bay, and Lingao Cape.

The policy also simplifies entry and exit approval procedures, and cancels requirements for single-voyage certification registration.

According to the policy, an electronic customs clearance platform will be set up to help with the unified management of electronic customs clearance for yachts from Hong Kong and Macao. At the same time, the island province will support the reciprocal recognition of yachting certificates from Hong Kong and Macao.

The move is considered a major step towards helping the island province develop into a center for innovative experiments in the yacht industry and a first-class yacht tourism destination.