Hainan is planning to build a scenic highway around the island, intended to help boost development of the tourism industry. A new plan, the “Guidelines for the Construction of Tourism Stations along Hainan’s Island Highway Loop,” was recently approved by the Hainan provincial government.

According to the plans, 40 tourism stations will be built along Hainan’s scenic highway loop.

The tourist stations will feature a number of functional facilities, including visitor information centers, gas stations, parking lots (charging piles), toilets, cafes, commodity/tourist souvenir stores, medical services stations, and police stations. Bicycle lanes and walkways will also be built along the highway to meet demand for new ways to explore the tropical island.

The tourist stations will be designed to provide rich displays of local ethnic products and culture, and offer a deeply local experience that will lure visitors. Care will be given to preserve local conditions, including the mountains and plant life, during the highway construction work.

The scenic highway will also be equipped with intelligent management facilities, and will include pilot projects for driverless vehicles and new-energy vehicle charging.

The two-lane highway, to be completed in three to five years, will link up with 6,000 kilometers of existing roads in 12 coastal cities and counties, and will create a 1,040-km loop around the island province.

Construction of the highway will help Hainan build a sightseeing belt around the island, and to further boost local tourism development.