A press conference on the development of Sanya’s summer tourism market was held on April 25th, 2019. During the press conference, new tourist products and policies at Sanya’s major scenic spots, aviation industry, hotels, and emerging tourism industry were promoted. Among them, four major themed products including study tours and family travel, marine tourism, wedding and honey tourism, as well as outbound travel will be highlighted during the summer travel season.


Mr. Tang Sixian, Consulting Director of the Sanya Tourism Culture Radio Television and Sports Bureau was in attendance and delivered a speech at the press conference.

During his speech, Mr. Tang said that through cooperation with travel agencies, the airport, and airline companies and other travel-related enterprises, Sanya will continuously launch promotion events for summer tourism market in a bid to promote the development of family travel, wedding and honeymoon travel. The city will further push forward integration of different industries and launch more “Sports + Tourism” products and “Study Tour + Tourism” products, in an effort to help build Sanya into an international consumption center.


This summer season in Sanya features a wide range of tourism products which are cost-effective, including the Blessing Tours launched by the Dongtian Park and the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, the 35th anniversary celebration of the Tianya Haijiao Scenic Spot, as well as the folk song show at the Haitang Bay Paddy Field National Park.

Luxury hotels in Sanya continue to increase the supply of all-inclusive products for holiday-oriented guests during this summer season. For the Greater Sanya Tourism Circle, the Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone offers favorable packages for tourists, and the 3rd Daidai Islet Beach Camping and Water-Splashing Festival at the Nanwan Monkey Island is popular among young people.

Sanya is a popular destination for family travel, and wedding and honeymoon travel. Travel agencies and hotels have launched various tourism products and packages for family travel and wedding and honeymoon travel during this summer.

Study tour products such as the Xisha Study Tour and Family Travel, the Meisha Vanhang Sailing Summer Camp, and the Sanya Sailing Class are popular among young people. Many hotels have launched summer packages for family travel.

The Sanya Phoenix International Airport has implemented new flight schedules for the summer and autumn seasons of 2019. A total of 105 air routes will be run during the season, including 70 domestic air routes and 35 international and regional air routes, reaching 94 domestic and overseas destinations. A total of 45 airlines will operate flights to Sanya, including 27 domestic airlines and 18 international and regional airlines.