On May 24th, 2019, the 2019 Kaohsiung Tourism Exposition opened in the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. Nearly 300 tourism-related enterprises from mainland China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan attended the expo, which is expected to attract more than 200,000 visitors.


The Hainan Provincial Tourism Culture Radio Television and Sports Deparment set up a booth at the expo to showcase Hainan’s rich tourism resources to visitors. Ship-shaped information center, beach chairs, coconut trees, mini golf putting green were placed at the booth to create a tropical island style atmosphere.


On the night of May 24th, 2019, a Sanya tourism promotional event was held at the 85 Sky Tower Hotel, with more than 120 Taiwanese travel operators and media members in attendance.


Yang Liming, Consulting Director of the Hainan Provincial Tourism Culture Radio Television and Sports Department, expressed his heartful thanks to the southern Taiwan tourism circle for their support and contribution to the exchange and cooperation between Hainan and Taiwan. In the future, Hainan will engage in more international cooperation in a more open and inclusive manner to provide Taiwan and other overseas tourists with richer tourism products.


Ren Konglun, Director of the Cross-Strait Tourism Association Kaohsiung Office, said that the rapid development of tourism in Hainan provides Taiwan tourists with more and more exciting tourism resources, providing a broader platform for tourism and cultural exchanges between the two places. He hoped that the tourism industry in Hainan and Taiwan will cooperate on a deeper and further scale.


Pan Hengxu, Director of the Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau said that Hainan is a well-known tourist destination for Taiwanese tourists. The two places share similiarity in tourism resources.Kaohsiung will actively promote tourism development and will strive to provide a better tourist environment for Hainan tourists.


Tang Sixian, Consulting Director of the Sanya Tourism Culture Radio Television and Sports Bureau, made a brief introduction of the newest development of Sanya tourism industry. He said that Sanya’s tourism market, tourism products and tourism services are constantly being upgraded. Emerging tourist products continue to inject new impetus into Sanya’s tourism development. Sanya has been striving to strengthen tourism safety supervision to create a safer tourism environment. Sanya has China’s first tourism police squad which is responsible of maintaining the safety and interests of tourists. He hoped that Taiwan tourists can enjoy a perfect holiday experience in Sanya.


During the event, representative from Sanya tourism enterprises introduced Sanya’s major scenic spots and hotels, as well as educational and study tour products.

Taiwan is the second largest tourist source market for Sanya. More than 83,900 tourists from Taiwan visited Sanya in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 26.95 percent. At present, there is a direct air route between Haikou and Kaohsiung which runs twice a week. Next, Sanya will actively promote the opening of direct flights between Sanya and Kaohsiung to further expand the source market of South Taiwan.