The city of Sanya possesses a number of cultural gems within its borders, including many beautiful, spiritually significant temples. Visitors to Sanya who are interested in temples can refer to this list to find some of the most interesting religious spots in the city.

Nanshan Temple


Located 40 kilometers (25 miles) west of the Sanya city center, the Tang Dynasty-styled theme park is nestled at the foot of Nanshan Mountain (South Mountain), an ideal eco-tourism and spiritual site for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.


The temple complex occupies a total area of four hectares. “Nanshan” literally means “south mountain”; the temple’s name derives from a famous Buddhist expression: “Good fortune as vast as the East Sea; longevity as high as Nanshan.”

The park showcases three zones: the Hainan Custom Culture Park, Blessing and Longevity Park, and Buddhism Culture Park.

Confucius Temple in Ancient Yazhou City


This beautifully preserved temple complex in Sanya’s historic old town, Yacheng, helped shape the city’s rich cultural heritage. It is the largest Confucian academy in Hainan and China’s southernmost Confucian Temple. It served as a site for ritual worship ceremonies dedicated to Confucius, the great Chinese thinker who was hugely influential during China’s Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties.


Consisting of a series of temples, gardens and courtyards, this is a peaceful and beautiful place of great historical importance to the area.

South China Sea Dragon King Temple in Dongtian Park


There is a South China Sea Dragon King Temple in Dongtian Park, in which stands the statue of the Dragon King of the South China Sea.

This fascinating park is the most southern center for Taoist culture in China. It has been a major attraction for visitors to Hainan Island for 800 years.


In Chinese culture, the dragon king brings stability and good fortune. According to folk legend, the second day of the second lunar month of the Chinese lunar calendar is the day that the dragon king “raises his head” (or awakens) to the sound of rumbling thunder, a sign of the coming rains that will revitalize the earth. The Dragon Head-raising Festival is an important cerebration held annually at Dongtian Park, during which Taoist folk events in worship of the dragon king and the South China Sea are held at Dongtian Park.