Shangri-La’s Sanya Resort & Spa, Hainan officially launched of its Chinese Restaurant on 18 April 2019, serving authentic Huaiyang and Hainan cuisines crafted by master chefs using seasonal locally sourced ingredients.


Filled with natural light and eye-catching garden views, the pastel-hued restaurant re-creates the ambiance of Jiangnan style.  Diners can enjoy authentic Huaiyang flavours with peaceful views of the resort as a backdrop.  Featuring a main dining room and two private dining rooms, Chinese Restaurant is the ideal venue for family and friendly gatherings or for business lunch and dinners.


Traditional recipes have been refined and elevated to reach the perfect balance of flavour and presentation. At Chinese Restaurant, guests can also savour the freshest premium ingredients prepared in indigenous Hainan style.

Authentic Huaiyang and Hainan Cuisines

Stewed Fish Head with Wontons


Freshwater fish head from the Jiangnan area is cooked with handmade wonton in pork broth.  The combination of these three ingredients form the most enjoyable taste.  It is beloved whether at high-end hotels or street food stalls in the Haiyang area.

Pan-Fried Shrimp Cake


Known as the Copper Drum Cake in the Jiangsu area, Pan-Fried Shrimp Cake is made with fresh shrimp, flour, ginger and leeks.  The shrimp cake is pan-fried till it is golden brown in colour, crispy outside and soft inside.  It is rich in nutrition and suitable for people of all ages.

Stewed Pork Meat Balls in Brown Sauce


Selected streaky pork, water chestnuts and shiitake are chopped, mixed together and shaped into balls.  The meat balls are steamed and stewed in an incredibly tasting sauce to make it a visual feast and a wonderful journey of food.

Da-Bai Roasted Chicken


Chef’s recommended Hainan Wenchang chicken is cooked with Pu’er Tea and local sticky rice in Mongolian style.  The golden brown chicken becomes infused with the tea’s attractive flavour and has a hint of smoky aroma.

Chinese Chef Damon Ge entered the professional culinary world when he was 16 years old.  He has working in many cities in China like Fuzhou, Wuxi, Xiamen and Xi’an, providing creative cuisines for several celebrities and food reviewers. He likes discovering local ingredients and innovating cooking methods.

More signature dishes:



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