The Sanya Phoenix International Airport has implemented new flight schedules for the summer and autumn seasons of 2019. The new schedules took effect on March 31st, 2019, and will end on October 26th, 2019, according to the Sanya Airport management office.

Under the new plan, the Sanya airport will handle 70,380 scheduled flights, with some 335 flights per day, and expect about 10.336 million passengers over the summer and autumn period.

A total of 43 airlines will operate flights to Sanya during the 210-day summer-autumn season, including 27 domestic airlines and 16 international and regional airlines.


A total of 104 air routes will be run during the season, including 70 domestic air routes and 34 international and regional air routes, reaching 93 domestic and overseas destinations.

At the 17th Routes Asia 2019 event, joint letters of intent were signed between Sanya Airport and 20 international airlines. The letters stated agreements to further expand Sanya’s international air network, including flights on the Australia-to-Singapore-to-Sanya air route, the Sanya-to-New Delhi air route, and the Sanya-to-Mumbai air route.