In a green city like Sanya, the forest parks are one of the best places to go to spend some time in nature.

Fuling Forest Park is a new forest park featuring public leisure functions and tropical landscapes to be built in a mountainous area in northern Sanya in the near future, according to the Sanya Forestry Bureau.

The park will be a recreation and leisure hub integrating mountain exploration, science education, environmental protection, and sightseeing. It will further improve Sanya’s ecosystem and become a unique mountain forest park in the city.

According to construction plans, the park will cover 18.46 square kilometers of land, and it will consist of three parts, namely, Fuwan Ridge, Lizhi Ridge, and Sanbailao Ridge. The park will be built with four functional zones, including a core landscape zone, a public leisure zone, a general management service zone, and an ecological conservation zone. The park is expected to open to the public in 2020.

The park will also feature many spots for recreation, including a forest-themed movie theater, a VR garden zone, a “fun paradise” for parent-child interaction, and more. In addition, the park will offer eco tourism attractions that will be open to visitors. The attractions will include landscape corridors, a sightseeing elevator, and a bamboo garden.

The Fuling Forest area is home to 37 species of amphibians and reptiles, and 32 species of rare plants which are listed as endangered and national protected species.

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