The Conference for Reform and Innovation of Sanya Tourism Industry Association, was held at the JW Marriott Hotel Sanya Dadonghai Bay on May 19th, 2019, the National Tourism Day. The conference was organized by the Sanya Tourism Culture Radio Television and Sports Bureau.


During the conference, officials announced the establishment of twelve new organizations dedicated to helping develop the city’s tourism industry, bringing the city’s total number of tourism industry organizations to seventeen. These tourism industry associations are expected to advance the development of Sanya’s tourism industry.

Twelve newly established organizations:

One united social organization:

– Sanya Federation of Tourism Associations

Ten professional tourism industry associations:

– Sanya Tourism Hospitality Association

– Sanya Tourism Attraction Association

– Sanya Tourism Transportation Association

– Sanya Tourism Homestay Association

– Sanya Sports Tourism Association

– Sanya Tourism Products and Equipment Association

– Sanya Tourism Photography Association

– Sanya Tourism Gourmet Association

– Sanya Tourism E-Commerce Association

– Sanya Family Tourism Association

One Private Non-enterprise Unit

– Sanya Tourism Lawyer Service Center

Five other existing tourism industry associations:

– Sanya Travel Agent Association

– Sanya Seafood Association

– Sanya Wedding Tourism Association

– Sanya TCM Healthcare Tourism Association

– Sanya Outdoor RVs Association

In 2018, Sanya received a total of 22.43 million domestic and international tourists, earning the city total tourism revenue of RMB 51.473 billion. According to the latest statistics from the Sanya Tourism Satellite Account, the tourism sector directly accounted for over 40 percent of Sanya’s GDP in 2018, and employment in the tourism sector accounted for over 46 percent of all employment.

Chen Tiejun, Deputy Mayor, Deputy Party Secretary, and member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Sanya Municipal Committee, said that the newly established Sanya Federation of Tourism Associations will focus its efforts on effecting strategic collaboration among the various tourism industry associations, helping to optimally allocate the city’s tourism resources, and helping boost the development of Sanya’s tourism industry. The Sanya Federation of Tourism Associations will also expand contacts with similar tourism organizations in developed countries and regions, such as Japan, the United States, and Hong Kong, with the goal of advancing the internationalization of Sanya’s tourism industry.

There are currently 17 organizations dedicated to the organization and development of the tourism industry in the city, of which 15 are professional tourism industry associations. More than 1,300 tourism enterprises members with nearly 230,000 employees across the city have joined those tourism industry associations.

Each tourism industry association will be encouraged to leverage the industry’s strengths by finding ways to powerfully combine resources with other organizations. The joint force of the industrial associations is expected to deliver a boost to development in an array of areas in the tourism industry including yachting and cruises, healthcare, weddings and honeymoons, duty-free shopping, MICE tourism, sports tourism, culture tourism, study tours, and financial tourism.

A Tourism Quality Guarantee Association will be set up to supervise order and service quality in the tourism market, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of tourism consumers and operators, and to facilitate communication among other relevant departments.