China implemented new national standards for electric bicycles on April 15th, 2019. In order to promote the implementation of the new standards and standardize the market of electric bicycles in Sanya, the Sanya Market Supervision and Administration Bureau held a news conference to issue bans on sales of certain electric bicycles to improve the safety performance of electric bicycles in the city.

The ban on sales of certain electric bikes in Sanya:

1. Electric bicycles that do not comply with the National Standard “Technical Specifications for Safety of Electric Bicycles” (GB17761-2018) are banned from being sold.

2. Electric bicycles without the CCC mark (China Compulsory Certification for e-bikes) are not allowed to enter the market.

3. Sales of electric bicycles with illegal modifications, assembly, and/or tampering are also banned.

4. Illegal electric bicycles will be banned from being sold under the name “electric motorcycles.”

5. Distributors are asked to stop illegally dismantling, refitting, and repairing chargers and lithium-ion batteries.

The new national standards for electric bicycles:

A qualified electric bicycle must have pedal functions, and its speed cannot surpass 25 kilometers per hour, according to standards issued last May.

The vehicle’s weight, including battery, shall not exceed 55 kilograms; and the motor power and battery voltage shall not exceed 400 Watts and 48 volts respectively.

Additional technical requirements including tamper-proof, fireproof, and charger protection systems are also included in the new standards, replacing the ones issued in 1999.

Vehicles that do not meet requirements will be classified as electric motorcycles, which need license plates and drivers’ licenses.