Learning and practicing traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has become an international trend. The Sanya Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Hospital is now providing short-term training courses for international practitioners in traditional Chinese medicine.

The new program is the first integrated TCM training program in Sanya open to foreign practitioners seeking to learn traditional Chinese medicine.

The one-month training program is open to small groups of trainees at the Special Clinic Center of the Sanya International Friendly Chinese Medicine Sanatorium, a national demonstration base for medical tourism and a national education base for TCM culture at Sanya Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

From Monday to Friday, the trainees will take two hours of theoretical lessons in the morning and complete one and a half hours of practical exercises in the afternoon. The training program will help students to apply the clinical skills of manipulation, scraping, and cupping that are believed to ease 20 common chronic diseases and sports injuries, such as cervical spondylosis and occiput, periarthritis of shoulder, acute lumbar sprain, and strain.

"Chinese medicine treatments are very popular in Russia and I am very interested in Chinese massage,” said one of the foreign trainees who now works as a masseuse in a healthcare center in Russia. The trainee contacted the Sanya TCM Hospital and came to study in Sanya after learning online that the Sanya Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital is offering foreigners the opportunity to study TCM treatment skills.

Zhang Wei, Vice President of the Sanya Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, said that practitioners can grasp basic theories and simple clinical skills of traditional Chinese medicine through short-term training.

The hospital will in the future work to develop a richer curriculum and welcome more international medical talents from “Belt and Road” countries and regions. Candidates will learn and practice TCM medicine in Sanya, with the aim of taking on the internationalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a mission and a responsibility and making contributions to promoting the well-being of people around the world.

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