The Sanya Beluga Discover Ocean World opened in January 2019. It aims to be the “Blue Disneyland,” a popular one-stop experience that incorporates culture, education, catering, accommodation and many other services.

1. Ocean World

The theme park includes various attractions and rides such as sea animal exhibits with different themes (Dolphin Shows and Fish displays).

2. Curiosity Academy

The academy creates a perfect learning environment for both children and adults. Coral aquarium, VR technology and other ocean theme entertainment will give the audience a real deep sea world perception.

3. Sea restaurants

Sea restaurants provides tourists with a variety of catering choices including Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine and western style cuisine. The restaurants are surrounded by a big aquarium, which is guaranteed to bring you an extraordinary experience.

4. Beluga Hostel

There are 9 different sea series and 400 rooms in total. The hotel invites you to experience something new!

Location: The Creative Industry Park, Yazhou District, Sanya

Four Business Sectors:

Entertainment – Ocean World

Education – Curiosity Academy

Dining – Sea Restaurants

Accommodation -Beluga Hostel