It’s harvest season for wax apples in Sanya. The 2nd Sanya Wax Apple Picking Festival began on December 8th, 2018, at Nanlu Farm of Changshan Village in Yazhou District.

Sanya is known as a "natural greenhouse", which makes the area suitable for wax apple plantation. The Wax Apple Village has been through more than a decade of research and development to shape its own registered brand of characteristic, high-quality wax apples.

Characteristic weather and soil conditions, combined with advanced plantation management, have given rise to an awesome wax apple variety.

The 2nd Sanya Wax Apple Picking Festival aims to revive rural culture and build a brand image for Sanya wax apples. The festival focuses on alleviating poverty and further developing Sanya’s beautiful villages. It will also promote Sanya wax apples, which are products that have been recognized by National Geographic.

Since 2005, Sanya wax apples have been honored with many certifications, including the following: 

– China Organic Certification

– China Certification of Good Agriculture

– EU Certification

– Famous Brand Product of Hainan Province

– Famous Trademarks of Hainan Province

– Leading Agricultural Company of Hainan Province

– Science Popularization Example Association of Hainan Province

– Designated Fruit of Bo’ao Forum and Product Recognized by National Geographic.


The 2nd Sanya Wax Apple Picking Festival represents a new opportunity for development for farmers and an opportunity to promote a combination of agriculture and tourism. Visitors can gorge on wax apples at the annual Sanya Wax Apple Picking Festival, which will last till June 8th, 2019.

2nd Sanya Wax Apple Picking Festival 

Date: December 8th, 2018 to June 8th, 2019

Reference price: RMB 58 per kilogram 

Contact: Mr. Xu Hongjia (General Secretary of the Sanya Wax Apple Association) 

Telephone: +86-13322029277

Address: Changshan Village, Yazhou District, Sanya 三亚市崖州区长山村