The Nanhai Buddhism Academy at Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone opened for enrollment among students nationwide on April 12th, 2017.
Approved by China’s Ministry Of Education, the Nanhai Buddhism Academy is the first-ever higher education institute dedicated to Buddhist education in Hainan. It is also the first trilingual Buddhist Institute in the world, offering instruction in Han Chinese Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Pali Buddhism
The academy is located in the scenic Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, and covers an area of 412,000 square meters. It is comprised of four functional zones including monastery classrooms, an administrative building, residential quarters, and a Buddhist cultural center.

The Buddhist academy will consist of six departments in Han Chinese Buddhism, Buddhist arts, Buddhism and its management, Buddhist architecture, and Buddhism and medical ethics.
The students will receive State-approved bachelor’s degrees after four years’ study in Buddhism.
The academy will enroll 220 students (including students from overseas) when it opens in September 2017.
For more information about enrollment procedures, please contact the academy:
The Nanhai Buddhist Academy 

Tel: +86-898-88834699
WeChat ID: hnnhfxy
Address: Located within the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, Sanya City, Hainan Province /