The SuperStar Virgo, Star Cruises’ flagship cruise liner in Asia, called at Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Terminal on December 12th, 2018.

SuperStar Virgo received an official welcome on Tuesday morning on its second call at Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Terminal. In attendance at the event were local tourism authorities including Tang Sixian, Consulting Director of the Sanya Tourism Development Commission; Zuo Zhenghe, Director of the Sanya Sea Defense and Port Bureau; Liu Zhongxue, Vice Director of the Sanya Maritime Bureau; Chen Zhuobiao, Vice Director of the Sanya Customs Bureau; Hou Chunlei, Director of the Frontier Inspection Station; and Li Li, Deputy Manager of the Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Terminal.

The luxury ship, operating on the Philippines (Manila)-to-Vietnam (Halong Bay)-to-Sanya-to-the Philippines (Manila) route, carried about 700 passengers to Sanya during the visit, including 614 passengers from Philippines, 30 passengers from Europe and 4 Hongkong travelers. It was the second time the cruise ship has docked in Sanya in 2018.


Passeners were impressed that Sanya and Philippines shared similarities in climate and weather, and the good air quality in Sanya is a big draw for tourists.

During their stay, passengers visited some tourist attractions in and around Sanya including the Nanshan Tourism Cultural Zone, Tianya Haijiao Scenic Spot and Binglanggu Valley.

Cruise passengers shared their Sanya's holiday trip on their personal social media accounts to tell their families, friends, followers how Sanya exactly looks like.

Since November 2006, when the cruise terminal opened, the facility has welcomed more than 820 cruise calls. The cumulative number of inbound and outbound passengers has reached nearly 1.7 million.

Demand for cruise tourism has soared in China in recent years. As an international tourist city, Sanya has exceptional resources that have helped develop its cruise tourism industry. Cruise tourism has gradually become a major feature and a new growth engine for Sanya’s tourism industry.