The 2018 Sanya Destination Wedding Expo will be held in Sanya from December 14th to 16th, 2018.

The three-day Sanya Destination Wedding Expo will feature six major themed events aimed at promoting the development of Sanya’s wedding tourism industry. The expo will attract many domestic and foreign companies, and various provincial and municipal wedding industry associations, experts, and scholars. Over three days, participants will gather with the goal of helping develop Sanya’s wedding tourism industry.

The 2018 Sanya International Wedding Tourism Destination Industry Forum will be one of the expo’s biggest events. It will attract dozens of wedding industry elites to Sanya, to jointly explore and discuss new trends, concepts, and ideas both for Sanya and the rest of Hainan.

Teams of professionals will join hands to create an amazing Li Ethnic Wedding Fashion Show with the intent of promoting traditional Hainan’s ethnic wedding culture.

The 2018 Wedding Trends Release will invite leading designers from Milan Fashion Week to provide attendees with a first glimpse of their new 2018 designs.

During the wedding expo, the “See you in Sanya” event is designed to give young singles the opportunity to meet and greet with the hopes of finding their everlasting match. Special matchmaking events will be set up by organizers including a cocktail party, couples’ treasure hunts, and a masked waltz.

This year, the organizers will invite newlyweds to go on a cruise from Sanya to Sansha, on which they can express their love in China’s southernmost city on the South China Sea.

2018 Sanya Destination Wedding Expo

Date: December 14th-16th, 2018

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