For a fun, unique dining experience that features the traditional ethnic culture of Hainan, visitors to Wanning City might consider visiting the Le Méridien Shimei Bay Beach Resort and Spa. The hotel is delighted to announce an exciting ethnic Li-style long-table feast designed to inspire and delight all gourmands.


The long-table feast is a unique custom of the Li ethnic minority group in Hainan. The long-table feast is a way of treating guests wherein local residents gather together to offer meals featuring signature dishes such as bamboo rice, five-feet pig, and Shanlan wine. For Li people, it is an important rite of hospitality dating back hundreds of years. Traditional musical instruments and ethnic dance are also performed during the feast.

The hotel’s Chinese Chef and his expert team have crafted the menu to include well-known regional ethnic specialties to stimulate guests’ appetites. The lavish spread of delicacies includes a few traditional and savory dishes such as three-colored rice, fish tea, and roasted organic chicken. During dinner, Li entertainers put on a show featuring traditional dancing and singing.

Three-colored Rice
Roasted Organic Chicken
Fish Tea (fermented rice & fish)
Li-style Crispy Pork
Located in the Shimei Bay Resort District, Le Méridien Shimei Bay Beach Resort and Spa is the major shooting site of the famous Chinese movie “If You Are The One” and the TV program Chef Nic. Apart from its beautiful surroundings, the hotel is dedicated to helping guests discover unique cultural experiences both within the hotel as well as throughout the local community.

General Manager Mr. Yu Lu said, “The hotel always tries to promote the traditional culture and food of the region. The long-table feast, a unique menu inspired by the local ethnic culture of Hainan, will be a treat for food lovers who will be able to experience an authentic Li spread.”