Former soccer superstar David Beckham attended a business event for a real estate developer, Luneng Group, in Wenchang City, Hainan on January 17th, 2016.
The news conference on Luneng’s Action Plan on “One Belt, One Road Initiative” and “Enjoy Hainan, Visit Luneng” New Product Release was held at the Hilton Wenchang.
Luneng Group, a Shandong-based business group, has entered a two-year strategic partnership with former soccer star David Beckham. Under the deal, Beckham will serve as an ambassador of Luneng Group.
At the conference, Beckham expressed that he had high hopes for the partnership and looks forward to working together to promote social programs in China.
The Wenchang Shanhaitian Project is the first of its kind that integrates tourism, culture, sports and healthcare resources in the region. The project is located in the Tonggu Ridge Area and has a planning area of 86.64 square kilometers. The project consists of five developing sections including Ling Port, Moon Bay, Stone Beach, Qishui Bay and Qizhou Islands.
The Luneng Wenchang Shanhaitian Project includes four themed parks (Discovery Park, Love Park, Luxury Auto Park and International Ecological Wetland Park) and three centers (International Hotel Cluster, Brazil Sports Center and International Health Center).
The project will also feature a series of supporting facilities that include a 500,000-square-meter commercial complex, a 70,000-square-meter commercial street, 11 museums, and 26 themed hotels (The Hilton Wenchang is now in operation).