Touted as the countrys only international tourism destination, Hainan is at the forefront of China’s hotel boom.


Currently, the island houses over 200 starred hotels, among which the most high-end hotels and resorts are dotted along the coastline of Sanya. 


Sanya now has more than 59 international and domestic brand hotels in the region, including the St. Regis, Sheraton, Sheraton by Four points, The Luxury Collection, Westin, The Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, Shangri-la, Antanara, Banyan, Mandarin Oriental, Intercontinental, Holiday Inn, Mangrove Tree, Narada and more.


With the fast expanding luxury resorts and hotels in the region, these international high-end resort properties compete with each other through their own unique characteristics.


Here are three hotel recommendations with their own characteristics to make your stay in Sanya more memorable:


InterContinental Sanya Haitang Bay Resort



Highlight: Underwater Restaurant



For couples who want to go somewhere really special for a romantic dinner, this is the place since the view at this underwater restaurant at the InterContinental Hotel Sanya Haitang Bay Resort is probably like none youve ever seen before.


The restaurant is housed in a transparent acrylic tunnel high enough that you can stand up inside it. The ambiance here is very intimate, making it a perfect place for a romantic dinner to celebrate your honeymoon or anniversary


During the day, you can see the light streaming through the water, illuminating the restaurant through the vaulted glass windows from above. At night, the atmosphere is especially romantic, with the restaurant lights shining into the surrounding water and attracting the curious fish who swim by to have a look.


Reservations are subject to availability and must be made 7 days in advance.


The St. Regis, Sanya



Highlight: Multimedia Room



If you want a place to relax and enjoy the latest movies in the in-house theaters, this hotel is an ideal place for you. Conveniently located next to the Fitness Center and Yacht Marina,  Movie Hall 1 offers 21 seats while Movie Hall 2 accommodates 15all with cozy sofa seating.


Guests can order their favorite treats from a menu that includes sweet and savory offerings, including popcorn, ice cream, and pastriessuch as a luscious pineapple saffron soufflé. More substantial snacks include a tiger prawn cocktail with mango and avocado or marinated chicken skewers with peanut sauce and prawn crackers. A variety of espresso drinks, beers, sodas, and teas are also available.


Each theater shows up to 10 films a day. Each theater may also be reserved for private functions.


Kempinski Hotel Haitang Bay Sanya




Highlight: Hotel Lobby Design




Kempinski Hotel Haitang Bay Sanya has become one of the authoritative professional properties when it comes to interior and exterior design.


The wood crafted ceiling in the hotel lobby replicates a sense of majestic and royalty in ancient China. This truly can be the perfect example of combining Chinese design with modern design in new hotels.


From the palatial-style lobby ceiling with local Li imprints, to the use of rare Rose Wood and real gold, Lu Guang-zheng, Chinas famous wood art master, spent three years to design and build the Dongyang woodworks located throughout the hotel with the helping hands of no less than 600 artists using 300 tons of Silk Wood, 3,000 tons of Rose Wood and 300 kilograms of gold.