Few cities in Hainan can boast such a natural abundance of volcanically activated hot water springs on their doorstep as the rainforest hinterland Baoting. And thanks to Baoting’s ever-improving public transport system, heading out for a quick soak in perfect 60-degree-Celsius water, with cool beers at hand and a massage in mind, has never been easier.


For spas, hot springs, and spa resorts, the Baoting region is the ideal hunting ground.


Narada Resort and Spa Qixian Mount七仙岭君澜度假酒店


The Qixianling hot spring region is located at the foot of the south side of Qixianling National Rainforest Park. It is a beautiful area, high up in the clouds and a good 2-hour drive from downtown Sanya.



Hikers naturally gravitate to the trails across this rugged tropical rainforest. End a hard day’s walk at the Narada, one of Baoting’s most elaborate hot spring resorts. Whether it’s a restorative hour-long dip or a weekend hideaway you’re looking for, the Narada Resort is a great choice.



One of the most impressive features here is the open-air pools that drop-off dramatically against a background of sweeping mountain scenery. Inside, many rooms come with their own hot spring baths. The main body of the complex houses a well-equipped health club, including both dry and humid saunas.


Mingdao Qixianling Hot Spring Resort明道鹤川温泉度假酒店


More representative of the family- and couple-themed hot springs is the Mingdao Qixianling Hot Spring Resort.




The baths at the hot spring resort are of the communal naked type, one for men and one for women. These steaming hot sunken pools are set in grey stone with views to the garden foliage beyond. The waters here are clouded almost white, topping-out at around 60 degrees Celsius, comfortable enough for long, lazy dips.



Meanwhile, each monomer villa with traditional Japanese architectural style has an internal flower garden and a large hot spring room. The hot spring ponds are hidden in the betel nut and bamboo forests, just beyond the rice fields. This unique setting was specially created to enchant the soul and invoke a state of reconciling with nature, as human beings and nature are harmoniously combined here.


Doubletree Resort by Hilton Hotel Qixianling, Hainan七仙岭希尔顿逸林温泉度假酒店


A stone’s throw away, a hot spring experience of a more energetic nature is offered by the Doubletree Resort by Hilton Hotel Qixianling, Hainan. 



This is the sort of place to visit armed with an agenda, as there’s here to keep you occupied every minute of your stay. Outside, the extensive grounds include cafes and water landscapes, children’s play areas, swimming pools, and a health club with all the trappings. Each room harbors its own private dip pool – a sculptural work of art in its own right – that is filled directly from the hot springs.