A room with a view is great, but what about a bathtub with a view?


If you’ve yet to experience the bliss of soaking in a hot tub under the stars with a stunning view of nature, you’re missing out.


Whether it’s a dip in your skivvies or a private, leisurely soak in nature, these tubs are a recipe for utter relaxation.


Here is a list of hotels in and around Sanya that have quickly caught on, offering evermore spectacular settings for that sumptuous soak that could be the best souvenir of your trip.


InterContinental Hotel Sanya Resort三亚半山半岛洲际度假酒店





Sanya is famed for its unparalleled luxury and is a favorite among honeymooners. It’s easy to see why when you look at the InterContinental Hotel Sanya Resort.


Nestled between a pristine beachfront on one side and scenic mountains on the other, the hotel aims to offer style and exclusivity. Its sea view guestrooms have a bathtub looking out to the South China Sea as you wash away the day’s stresses


And don’t worry, there’s no danger of nosy neighbors, as each guest room is built so that you have complete privacy whether you’re sunbathing or soaking in the tub.


At this luxury retreat, what better way to relax than by enjoying a cocktail in the tub as you watch the sun sink into the sea.


Kempinski Hotel Haitang Bay Sanya 三亚海棠湾凯宾斯基酒店





Where to focus your eyes when you’re in Kempinski Hotel Haitang Bay Sanya is a bit of a conundrum.


First, there’s the lobby, which entices visitors with a revolving exhibition by local artists.


Then the 1,200 meter long seawater river, along which guests can be taken to their rooms or to any of the hotel’s restaurants by a private gondola ride.

Sanya is known for its awe-inspiring tropical scenery, so it makes sense that this luxury hotel in Haitang Bay has included a bath so you can take a leisurely soak after a romantic day touring the city and a view that epitomises the landscapes of the resort.


At sunset, the room and surroundings are flooded with golden light, a photographer’s dream.


Narada Tropical Resort in Baoting 保亭君澜度假酒店




For those wishing to explore the natural tropical rainforest beauty of the area, we suggest you slip into the Narada Tropical Resort’s Baoting hot-spring tubs


Each room is well-designed and comes with a private hot tub to ensure guests’ stresses from the bustling city melt away into the sounds of natural spring water and the rustling of wind-blown forest leaves.


For a more private option, ideal for cool nights, opening a bottle of wine and slipping into hot tub at your balcony is a must. The night is clear enough to see a wide swathe of stars. There is no light pollution at the resort, making the night sky an inky black canvas with fireflies moving through the rainforest.