The management and staff of InterContinental Sanya Resort, Vice President of the resort owner company Sanya Lu Hui Tou Tourism Development Company Ltd. Mr. Sun Hao, and representative of owner company Ms. Chen Ping visited the Bright Connection Rehabilitation Center again at their Feng Huang Ling Apartments.

InterContinental Sanya Resort brought rice, soybean, mung bean and peanut oil and other everyday staples. Also, we have prepared special Mid-Autumn Festival cakes and cookies which children like very much to the kids at the center as a gesture to extend our festive greetings and show our sincere care for this special group of children.

During our visit, kids at the center did a special amazing dance performance for us. In their dance, we saw their endeavor and perseverance towards life. Although these dance movement may be seen simple for healthy people whose legs and hands functions well, it is not easy for these children with cerebral palsy. When they first came to the center, they could not even sit up or stand up, but now they can make simple alike dance movement. This is a huge improvement for them. And their improvement in health could not achieve this level without the super patience and endless care from the employees and volunteers work at the center.

After the meet-up with us, children at the center resume their daily routine activities. Some children were attending mathematics class, some were playing games. At the same time, the center’s manager Ms. Yin Taohua showed us kids’ rehabilitation rooms, activity rooms and dormitories.

In the future, InterContinental Sanya Resort will visit the Bright Connection and provide food material support on a monthly basis. Also, we are going to organize charity auction of children’s paintings.

About The Bright Connection (TBC) Cerebral palsy Children Rehabilitation Center

Bright Connection is a non-profit charitable organization founded by Mr. and Mrs. John. The TBC rehabilitation center aims at helping more children with Cerebral palsy. By the time we visited, TBC has 34 registered patients and 28 staffs. Mr. and Mrs. John put out their entire retirement pension into the project and raise funds from enthusiastic friend from China and US. The children’s parents and guardians only afford half of the fee and the rest of the amount will be on the Bright Connection. Therefore, the organization has to rely on people’s donation in order to operate.

About InterContinental Sanya Resort

Opened in July 2010, InterContinental Sanya Resort occupies one of the most beautiful locations in Sanya – Xiao Dong Hai, surrounded by sandy beaches and green mountains, offers guests picturesque views from every room. Beautiful water features and water gardens throughout the Resort create a serene yet stylish ambience. The Resort offers 343 rooms including 24 beachside villas & 12 executive suites. Guests can lounge in 5 swimming pools, dine in 7 restaurants and bars, unwind in soothing SPA InterContinental or choose from 1 ballroom and 7 inspiring meeting rooms.