Since the opening of Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya on September 2012, the hotel had been widely recognized by the public for its perfect location, unique architecture design, outstanding facilities and excellent service managed by the Gloria Hotels & Resorts.


Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya located at the southern tips of the National Coast Haitang Bay, neighboring to the P. L. A. General Hospital Hainan Branch. Among the exclusivity facilities can be find at Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya are Hot Spring, Haitang Bay Yacht Club and Oceanfront Golf Driving Range. One of the highlight of the exclusivity of the hotel is the natural hot spring water in all guest room with total 12 different hot spring treatment pools at the swimming pools and garden areas. These 12 different treatments pools are specially prepared with local specialty and traditions items such as Hainan Coconut Milk, local Xinlong coffee and traditional Chinese herbs likes Angelica, Folium Artemisia, Argyi and etc. to cater for different needs and conditions of the people. Guest may enjoy a relaxing Fish Spa to remove the skin smear and aging cortex to recover the youth and smooth skin. The hot spring water quality is being certified by the official Hainan Geological Test Research Center.


This exclusivity has been recognized by the Golden Horse Award Events held recently and hotel had been awarded with the title of 2012-2013 China Best Hot Spring Resort. Golden Horse Award is organized by China Hotel Magazine, this award was widely recognized, and the award winner was selected from a group of professional jury from the public and the official government department with the months of online voting campaign.


SOURCE: WOS Team & Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya