Folk Song Musical Zone performance held at Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya sponsored stage.


Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya is the appointed hotel for The Voice of China 2012 Sanya International Beach Musical Festival. Hotel’s excellent facilities and high standard of service have contributed in making this event a success. The heat of this musical festival with its positive spirit is still spreading across the country till now.


“Welcome to Sanya” is the most famous folk song in representing Sanya for its hospitality in welcoming guest from all around the world which played at the “Folk Song Musical Zone” sponsored by Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya.


Hundreds of famous domestic and international singers and artists have stayed at Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya during this musical festival. Among the singers and artists staying at hotel are The Voice of China mentor and famous China star Mr. Yang Kun, The Voice of China’s singers competition Anson Ping, Eartha Zheng, Ada Jin, Wang Yunyi etc. and the world-top music bands, as well as hundreds of high quality medias. Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya outstanding service and its’ special culture impressed and was well recognized by the singers, artists and the public.


For this special winter year of 2012, Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya, as the newly jewel of Haitang Bay, successfully co-joined the greatest Haitang Bay annual event. We believe this musical festival spirit will continuously spread across the country with its beautiful music and dream of the positive energy.


About the Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya


The Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya is located along beautiful Haitang Bay’s National Coast and is a unique treasure on Hainan Island, which is also known as the “Hawaii of the Orient”. Conveniently located just 35 minutes from Sanya Phoenix International Airport, Sanya city center and other touristic attractions. Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya faces the Wuzhizhou Island Diving Area. Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya is distinct amongst Sanya hotels, providing the ultimate escape for even the most discerning luxury travelers.


SOURCE: Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya