Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort constructed the Jackstraw’s Farm in front of the resort’s front garden in early 2012. The farm enjoys a lovely setting as it is close to the blue sea, green mountains and surrounded by a rain lily garden, coconut trees as well as a graceful lake. At this beautiful place where diverse plants thrive, you will feel relaxed and happy while walking around.

More than 20 categories of vegetables and fruits have been planted at Jackstraw’s Farm. At present, pepper, flowered gourd, Hainan local vegetables and celery are in harvest season. In addition, the Chinese restaurant and Thai restaurant in the resort is offering 100% green food using organic vegetables from their own farm for resort guests.



Besides green plants, there’re also many cute animals in the Jackstraw’s Farm. The farm purchased a batch of animals such as rabbits, geese, and roosters a few weeks ago. Now the animals are getting used to the new environment. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the lovely sound of farm animals all around as it’s a lively rural scene.



Kids are big fans of the farm; they are excited to see the growing bottle gourds, countless tomatoes and the huge fig tree in the middle of the lake. With the guidance of the resort gardener, Jackstraw’s Farm provides a good opportunity for children to understand the lovely planet they live on.




This green field is not created for having fun only. It also enables people to get closer to nature. It reflects the green concept of Mangrove Tree Resort.

Spring is a season of renewal. Mangrove Tree Resort is looking forward to sharing unforgettable experience and the happiness of heavy harvests with their distinguished guests!

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SOURCE: Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort & WOX Travel