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For people staying in Sanya or Yalong Bay, the easiest way is to take Narada’s own shuttle bus. 



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There are several options for transportation to the Narada Resort and Spa at Qixianling in Baoting. For people staying in Sanya or Yalong Bay, the easiest way is to take Narada’s own shuttle bus. Shuttle buses leave at 2:30 every afternoon from the Resort Intime at Dadonghai in Sanya, and at 3:10 from the Golden Palm Resort in Yalong Bay. The shuttle bus leaves Narada returning to Yalong Bay and Sanya at 12:00 every day. The shuttle buses are free of charge for guests of the Narada Resort and Spa.


Another option is to use the airport pickup service. You can contact the Narada Resort to arrange pickup at Phoenix International Airport in Sanya. The airport pickup service is not free but it is a lot less than the other transports such as taxi or hiring a car, so make sure you check the price and make arrangement for personal airport pickup.

It is also possible to get a taxi in Sanya to drive you to the Narada Resort in Baoting. You will need to speak Chinese, or, if you don’t speak Chinese, show the taxi driver a business card for the Narada Resort. If you have a friend who knows Chinese, you can ask them to write the name of the resort in Chinese, and show that to the taxi driver.

There are also buses to Baoting from the Central Bus Station in Sanya, which is located near the Buxingjie “Walking Street” shopping center on Jiefang Road. Buses depart fairly frequently, and prices are quite cheap. There are small buses, which are slower as they make frequent stops along the way, and bigger buses which do not stop as much and have air conditioning. The bigger bus with air conditioning is probably the best option, as the small buses can take much longer than necessary, and can be hot, crowded, and smoky. These buses go to Baoting, but not all the way to Narada, so you will need to get a taxi, motorcycle, or tricycle to take you to the resort itself. Again, it will help to have a business card or the address of the hotel in Chinese if you don’t speak the language yourself.

If you have your own vehicle, or have rented one, you can drive yourself from Sanya to Baoting. The drive is actually very scenic, although be careful of the traffic on the highway in Hainan. To get to Baoting you will have to get on the Central Highway which goes all the way to Haikou through the center of the island. You leave Sanya in the direction of Yalong Bay, but take a left onto the Central Highway in Tiandu before you reach Yalong Bay itself. The sign will say Baoting and Wuzhishan, that’s the Central Highway. Once you are on the Central Highway, you will start climbing, and pass the Binglangu tourist spot. When you reach Baoting, the Qixianling mountain will be visible. Narada is at the base of the mountain, near the golf course. The drive takes roughly one hour from Yalong Bay in Sanya.

Whichever method of transportation you choose, you will be thoroughly satisfied when you arrive at Narada, and will be ready to start enjoying the beautiful grounds of the resort, swimming in the pools among rainforest, and relaxing in the natural hot springs. Enjoy!

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