Haikou opened A and B tourist bus lines on 8th, August.
On the morning of August 8, Haikou opens A and B tourist bus lines, symbolizing that Haikou has formally ended the history of having no tourist buses in its true sense.

As the capital city of Hainan Province, Haikou not only has the advantaged priority of tropical coastal tourist, but also has long-standing and profound cultural superiorities. A number of places of interest and attractions, such as Volcanic Vent Park, Mangrove Forest Scenic Area, Holiday Beach, etc., scatter like pearls in every corner of this beautiful city.

However for a long time, it is difficult to take downtown-to-attraction and attraction-to-attraction buses due to lack of relatively impeccable tourist bus lines. "I would like to take a walk near Haikou at weekends. But taking a taxi is too expensive; bus transfer is very time-consuming", said by Ms. Huang living in Baishamen. Her words have expressed the true feelings of many citizens.

According to the introduction of a relevant principal of Haikou Tourism Bureau, many regional tourism circles, such as Volcanic Vent Park, Dongshan Wildlife Zoo, Mangrove Natural Reserve, West Coast, etc., have presented the good development momentum recently. Tourism around Haikou city has been increasingly required by tourists in and out of Hainan Province and local people of Haikou. Haikou urgently needs tourist bus lines on its real sense.

It is reported by the correspondent from the starting ceremony on August 8 that the two new tourist bus lines are A and B, taking Wanlv Garden as the transfer hub. The two lines link many attractions together, such as Volcanic Vent Park, Wugong Ancestral Temple, Hairui Tomb, Li Shuoxun Martyr Commemorating Booth, Jinniuling Park, Baishamen Park, Hainan Provincial Museum, to striving to build the bus lines as "Mobile City Card" of Haikou City.

Wang Longhai, who is the leader of Hainan Airlines Leisure Car Rental Co., Ltd. and in charge of operation of the new lines, said that the two new bus lines had almost covered the major attractions, hotels and intensive business circles in Haikou City to provide convenience in "dinning, accommodation, travelling, entertainment and shopping" for tourists. "We would like to have the local Haikou people, guests from cities and counties for business trips and domestic & overseas tourists for travelling in Hainan known that there are many fine places to go and a lot of sceneries to enjoy. There are nonstop comfortable & time-saving bus lines to save money and make you feel no worry", said by Wang Longhai.

Zhou Zhiyong, the Vice Secretary-General of Haikou Travel Agency Association, also confidently told the correspondent that with the help of newly opened tourist bus lines, all travel agencies were actively preparing for One-Day Haikou Tour to realize the optimal combination of "One Trip, Multiple Effects".

"The feature of special line lies in travel. We will be committed to open this travel market within one year or two", said by Wang Longhai. He also indicated that after a period of cultivation of market, the frequency of tourist bus will be increased as the increasing of passengers.

It is informed that the specific operations of the two tourist bus lines are determined after serious market survey. On the one hand, the requirement of attraction transportations in Haikou shall be ensured and on the other hand, the pressure of other existing bus lines shall be considered. Therefore more deserted road sections are selected in terms of setting to relieve the operation pressure of existing buses and solve the bus coverage for deserted sections.

Wang Dong, Director of Haikou Transportation & Port & Shipping Management Bureau, told the correspondent that during the coming days, Haikou would further perfect the public transportation network. In addition to this new bus lines, night bus lines will be presented in the end of this month. Short-distance mini bus lines will also be introduced in the future to solve the "1km problem" from bus stops to the settlements of the residents.

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