An artist’s redition of Hainan Pavilion at Shanghai Expo
The Hainan Week of Shanghai Expo is about to open on August 7; thus a picture revealing the new image of Hainan International Tourism Destination and better future will be spread out. Being the only tropical-island province and a famous tropical-island leisure vacation resort of China, Hainan has showed its glamour in the China Kunming Horticultural Expo and Japan Aichi Expo. Nowadays, in the opening year of construction for Hainan International Tourism Destination, its potential and glamour will be given more concentrated demonstration during this huge stage of Shanghai Expo.

"We take part in the Shanghai Expo; but it is not our first time to attend World Expo", said by Chen Zhongwen, Director of Hainan Provincial World Expo Office and President of Hainan Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

With over a hundred years of history, the World Expo is a global grand meeting drawing the worldwide attention. According to the latest regulations of international exhibition, the World Expo is divided into two types with one of the registered expos (formerly named as the comprehensive expos) and the other of recognized expos (formerly named as professional expos), among which the former one is different from the common exposition for trade promotion and economic investment attraction. It is the global exposition with the highest level.

Early in 1999, the Kunming Horticultural Exposition which belonged to the recognized expo was successfully held. More than 60 countries and some international organizations participated in it at that time. Provinces and cities, including Hainan Province, attended this exposition in their own delegations. With many selections of bonsais, flowers and gardening, Hainan had drawn plenty of attention of a large number of people during the exposition. What’s more, some bonsais and flowers had carried off prizes.

The Aichi World Expo was held in Aichi County in Japan in 2005. Being a registered exposition, it was a global exposition with the highest level. Hundreds of countries, regions and a batch of international organizations actively went in for it, including 14 provinces and cities from China, such as Hainan, etc..

The delegation of our province had learnt a lot during the Aichi World Expo. Luo Baoming who was the Vice Secretary of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee had made a speech with the title of China Hainan, an Attractive Tropical Ecological Treasure Island during the 21st Century City Development Forum of Aichi World Expo to introduce the experience of urbanization progress in Hainan Province to media and people from political, economic and academic fields. Meanwhile, the Hainan Week of China Pavilion was also held to show the beautiful sceneries of Hainan with pictures which won great admiration from a large number of audiences. In addition, the Hainan Week also won four awards, for example Best Choice and Best Organization. Moreover, during the Aichi World Expo, the Hainan delegation also held promotions and negotiations of economy and trade, which effectively enhanced the economic and trade exchanges and cooperation.

Heated Ardor

Hainan has had ardor for the World Expo in early days. When the Aichi World Expo was held in Japan, some provinces and cities in China didn’t organize delegations to take part in it. However, our province strongly supported to attend this World Expo. We actively strived for the attendance and finally we succeeded in presenting the Aichi World Expo with plenty of gains. We had a full understanding about the World Expo, promoted the ability to managing the exposition and effectively publicized our province through this activity.

Having understood the profit of taking part in the World Expo, we have paid much attention to attending the Shanghai Expo which is a national pride exposition with the global highest level.

Since the second half of 2006, our province has set about preparing each work for attending the Shanghai Expo. In January, 2008, we established Hainan 2010 Shanghai Expo Attendance Committee consisting of 12 committees, departments and bureaus and Haikou City, Sanya City and Qionghai City. Meanwhile, we have started the arrangement of Hainan Pavilion of Shanghai Expo and invited relevant units to write the theme statement of this pavilion.

Leaders of CPC Hainan Provincial Committee and Hainan Provincial Government paid profound attention to the exposition attendance. With the entrustment of Wei Liucheng, Secretary of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Hainan Provincial People’s Congress, Luo Baoming, the Vice Secretary of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee and Governor, once made a special trip to Shanghai to work on the site of Hainan Pavilion in order to inspect and guide the operation. Leaders from CPC Hainan Provincial Committee and Provincial Government have held many research conferences and gone for Hainan Pavilion to work on site. Our province has specially set up a Leading Group of Hainan Activity Week of Shanghai Expo concerning its preparation. Wei Liucheng, Secretary of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee, will examine and approve the scheme of Hainan Activity Week in person.

Through efforts of all parties, each work of Hainan Province to attend the Shanghai Expo has made significant achievement. The Hainan Pavilion is one of the first seven provincial and city pavilions to construct within the site; it is also one of the first provincial and city pavilions which have finished the exhibition arrangement and construction. The Hainan Pavilion was successfully opened on this May 1, starting to welcome the domestic and overseas guests. The preparations for Hainan Activity Week have nearly finished.

Splendid Demonstration

Each World Expo is a profound thinking for the human being development and a large-scale demonstration of the world. With the theme of "Better City, Better Life", the Shanghai Expo leaves the world with a topic about city.

During the over 20 years of development progress to build provincial economic zone, Hainan, relying on advantaged resource superiority, orderly carries forward the urbanization progress, i.e. insisting ecology as the foundation of our province, boosting the construction of city-countryside integration and developing the harmonious and mixing multiculturalism. The former unenlightened frontier island has become a glaring pearl in the shore of South China Sea.

Devoting itself to create livable city life which is appropriate for establishing business and travelling, the Hainan International Tourism Destination under construction has confidently revealed its brand of Better Life in Hainan Province during this Shanghai Expo.

This is a brilliant demonstration of Hainan glamour. "We will make each audience stepping into Hainan Pavilion vividly feel the magical glamour of ecological Treasure Island with the honor of ‘Rare in the World, Only in China’. We will make them like and long for Hainan all the more", said by Li Guoliang, Vice Governor and Director of Hainan Shanghai Expo Attendance Committee, when introducing the relevant work of taking part in the exposition. In order to highlight the theme of Better Life in Hainan Province, the Hainan Pavilion of Shanghai Expo strives to demonstrate the characteristics of Hainan in terms of design, exhibitions and videos through uniquely creative forms. During the to-be-open Hainan Week of Shanghai Expo, series of artistic performances and tourism promotion activities will be held to reveal the multiple city glamour of Hainan with blend of tradition and modernity.

This is an initiative sortie to look for gap and absorb the merits of others. The year of 2010 is the beginning of the construction of Hainan International Tourism Destination; therefore Hainan Province in her best age expects to learn more domestic and overseas advanced experience in city construction and industrial development by taking this opportunity to speed up the construction of International Tourism Destination.

Expectations of Hainan International Tourism Destination

It is heartening that the Hainan’s work of active attendance to Shanghai Expo has been paid back, which is either in the past World Expos or the ongoing Shanghai Expo.

According to rough statistics, since the opening of this May 1, Hainan Pavilion has received over 3,000,000 visitors both at home and abroad. Domestic and overseas distinguished guests, such as Michelle, the President of Republic of Seychelles, Seng Han Thong, Member of Parliament of Singapore, Brian Goldbeck, Consul General of U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou, Ido Toshizo, Hyogo County Head from Japan, Loscertales, the Sectary of International Bureau of Exhibitions, Wang Jinzhen, China Chief Representative of International Bureau of Exhibitions, etc. have made special trips to the Hainan Pavilion and highly praised Hainan and this pavilion. Many visitors have known and understood more about Hainan and fallen in love with it.

During the to-be-open Hainan Week of Shanghai Expo, delegations of each field from our province will gather in Shanghai. Abundant activities will be held one by one to demonstrate the multiculturalism, unique travel resources and attractive development prospect of International Tourism Destination as much as possible with the help of Shanghai Expo and to better boost the construction International Tourism Destination.

The World Expo is a superexcellent platform to specify one’s objective and look for the future directions. The Hainan International Tourism Destination is coming for new departure!


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