Hainan round-island expressway
After the round-island expressway in Hainan Province is uniformly named and numbered, the direction posts change faces accordingly. The relevant principals of Hainan Provincial Highway Administration Bureau said that more signboards for scenic areas were added during this alteration of guideboards and the English translations of signboards would be more accurate and professional.

Change 1: The numbers of mileage posts increase from east to west.

"The most significant difference for this guideboard replacement is that the numbers of mileage posts are different from the previous ones", said by Yang Zhenzhong, Chief Engineer of Hainan Provincial Highway Administration Bureau.

According to the introduction of Yang Zhenzhong, the mileage of round-island expressway takes the Longqiao Overpass as the starting point. The present post mark is K0+000 which is different from the previous K5+600. With K0+000 as beginning, the numbers of mileage posts increase from the east expressways to Sanya round-city expressways in the south, to Haikou round-city expressway in the north through west expressway and finally to the Longqiao Junction Overpass. Yang Zhenzhong said that if departing from Haikou and taking the west expressway, the numbers of mileage posts decrease. The post number now is K75 instead of previous K530 when leaving Haikou for Lingao along the west expressway.

"After the numbers of mileage posts change, drivers will have a gradual process of adapting to be familiar with the post numbers of round-island expressway", said by Yang Zhenzhong.

Change 2: Chinese and English notes comply with internationalization requirement.

"In the past, there are expressway guideboards of Chinese characters and Chinese Pinyin. And some have English words. But generally speaking, they are not very standard", said by Yang Zhenzhong.

It is reported that in order to adapt to the demand of construction of Hainan International Tourism Destination, the English translations for new Chinese signboards are all reviewed and checked by English professionals from colleges and universities being subject to the Ministry of Education of PRC; therefore the translations were more accurate, professional, human-oriented and international.

It is also learnt that the setting of new transportation signs is more scientific and standard. They are easier to be indentified, for example increasing interchange mileage for transportation sings in each exit.

Change 3: Signboards in scenic areas (spots) are newly increased.

A highlight for this guideboard alteration is to increase signboards with both Chinese and English versions for scenic areas and spots along the expressway. Yang Zhenzhong said that as the progress of construction for Hainan International Tourism Destination, self-driving tourists to travel in Hainan increased day by day. The purpose to increase signboards in scenic areas (spots) is to provide convenience for domestic and overseas self-driving tourists for helping them visit each attraction smoothly by driving their own cars.

Chang 4: The quality standard of signboards is higher.

It is informed that all the altered expressway guideboards adopt new materials. Mother plates for all guideboards along the expressway will use first class reflective membrane (The second class reflective membrane was used in the past.); therefore when running on the expressway at night, drivers will obviously feel the higher reflection degree of the guideboards and be able to easily indentify them. All steel parts are of hot galvanizing and anticorrosion treatment to adapt to climate in Hainan Province.

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