Qizi Bay in Changhua Town, Hainan Province
The S-shaped Qizi Bay, located in Changhua Town (昌化城), Changjiang County (昌江县), Hainan province, extends for 20 km from east to west. It is to the west of the Changhualing Mountain tourism zone and to the north of Changhua fishing port. Qizi Bay (Qizi Wan 棋子湾) has a wonderfully mild climate year-round that makes it an ideal bathing resort along the western coast of Hainan. The snow-white beach here is the ideal place for sun and sand baths.
In Chinese, "Qizi" means "chess piece," and Qizi Bay got its name from the many pebbles on the coast that resemble chess pieces. The local legend of the bay’s origin is as follows: Long, long ago, two immortals came down from the heavens and played a game of Chinese chess. They were so engaged in their game that they forgot to have dinner, so the local villagers kindly brought out delicious food to them. After they finished the game and the food, they attempted to thank the villagers, but the villagers were nowhere to be found. To show their gratitude, the two immortals threw all their chess pieces into the sea, which turned into reefs and stones, thereby forever sheltering the village from the winds and waves.
There are many delightful natural landscapes here, among which "Yacht Rock," like a natural barrier, separates Qizi Bay into two parts. Big waves surge on one side of the rock, contrary to the placid surface of the water on the other side.
A small spring originating from Changhualing Mountain (昌化岭), bending many times before reaching Qizi Bay, holds a reputation for healing due to its content of high-quality sulfur minerals that are beneficial for curing skin diseases.
There’s also the "basket of chess pieces," an arced beach that resembles a giant basket containing colorful, crystal pieces when visitors ascend to a certain height and enjoy it from a distant view.
SOURCE: China.org.cn
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