Dongzhaigang Mangrove Forest in Haikou ranks as one
 of the Top Eight Most Beautiful Coastlines in China.
"One of the Top Eight Most Beautiful Coastlines in China" — Dongzhaigang is ranked by China National Geography Magazine. Dongzhaigang Mangrove Forest (东寨港红树林) in Yanfeng Town (演丰镇), Haikou City of Hainan Province.
In 1986, the mangrove forest at Dongzhaigang on Hainan Island was listed as a nature reserve under state protection. In 1992, it became China’s first place on the world list of major wetlands.
The mangrove is an evergreen tree that grows along tropical, sub-tropical tidal shores or river estuaries. At high tide, they are totally submerged or only their tops are visible, and when the tide recedes, they show themselves as dense thickets. Both trees and shrubs have reddish brown bark and green leaves.
There are more than 40 mangrove species in the world, of which 24 grow in Guangdong, Fujian and Taiwan, 19 at Dongzhaigang. The overgrown mangroves at Dongzhaigang are like green waves along the coast. The place is also home to 159 kinds of bird and is an important resting place on the migration routes of many birds.
Best time to go: any time of the year
The annual average temperature is 74.84F, the highest average temperature 82.4F, and the lowest reaches 64.4F. There are 2,000 sunshine hours all the year-round and the annual rainfall is 1,664 mm.
Other tourist attractions to visit around the landscape
Hainan Tropical Wild Animal & Plant Park, Volcano Park, Wugong Ancestral Temple, Tropical Oceanarium, Jinniuling Park, Dongshan Golf Villa, Lingshan Temple, etc.
Local Snacks and Specialties
Tropical Fruits: Rambutan, Banana, Lichee, Longan, Pineapple, Loquat, Lemon, Olive, Monkey Bread, Sweet-Coconut, Mystery-Fruit, Passionflower, Egg-fruit, Vitelline-fruit, Plum-bean. Handicrafts made of seashells, horn-ware, coconut shell carving products, Hainan Coffee, Cashew, Pepper, Special Tea, etc
Travel tips
– Please take sunbonnet, sunglass, and suntan oil, etc.
– Please drink little white wine and vinegar when eating seafood.
– Please do not eat too much seafood and tropical fruit.
– June to September is the typhoon and rain season.

SOURCE: Hainan Tour
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