Taking a taxi is the most convenient way to reach the various destinations such as beaches and scenic spots. In Sanya, blue is the identical color among the 6 different taxis operators, also they all have the same flag-down price.
Volkswagen Jetta, Santana, and Citroën Elysée are the main brands of taxis in Sanya. The taxi meter starts with RMB5 for the first 2 kilometers included, then adding RMB2 for an extra kilometer. Generally RMB 5-7 is fairly enough to travel in downtown Sanya. However, during the national holidays including first week of Jan., May, Oct and Chinese Spring Festival, it will be an extra fare of RMB5 for first 2km, which means the basal price will be RMB10 in stead of RMB5.
For travelers In Sanya, please notice if your destinations are scenic spots, you should haggle the price with the taxi driver first, make sure you don’t get overcharged, the following of the most travel routes and taxi fares are the reference for you; please note taxi fare might vary slightly.
Within Downtown Sanya: RMB 7
From downtown Sanya to Dadonghai beach: RMB 10
From downtown Sanya to Sanya Bay: RMB 25
From downtown Sanya to Yalong Bay: RMB 40-60.
From Dadonghai Bay to Yalong Bay: RMB 45-55
From Sanya Phoenix International Airport to downtown Sanya: RMB 40 to 60.
From Sanya Phoenix International Airport to Dadonghai Bay: RMB 60 to 80.
From Sanya Phoenix International Airport to Yalong Bay: RMB 80 to 100.
The following are the six taxi companies running in Sanya: 
1. Sanya Tianxing Tourism Co., LTD,
Add: Room 901, 9th floor, Zhuoda building, Yingbing Rd
Tel: 88899911

2. Sanya Lianhongjiayuan Automobile Co., LTD
Add: Eight Lane, Shangpin Street
Tel: 38285555

3. Lishi Bus Company
Add: Yingbin Road
Tel: 88231006

4. Taihe Tourist Transportation Development Co., LTD
Add: Xinfeng Road
Tel: 88368175

5. Hainan Changdao Taxi Company
Add: Xinfeng Road
Tel: 88239086

6. Hainan Xinxing Taxi Company
Add: Yuya Avenue
Tel: 88210928

Taxi Vocabulary
Where are you going?
Où allez-vous?
Ni qu na li?
I am going to …
Je vais aller
Wo qu …
Stopping here is fine.
Pourriez-vous arrêter ici
Zhe li hao de
Vous arrêtez (arrêter)
Turn right.
À droite
You guai
Turn left.
À gauch
Zuo guai
Go straight.
Tout droit
Yi zhi zou
I pay with cash
Je paie en espèces
Xian jin
Thank you
Xie xie
Good bye
Au revoir
Zai jian
How to stop a taxi in Sanya:
Just stretch your hand downward when you see a red lamp on the front passenger side which means the taxi is available.
What to expect inside the taxi:
Taxis, of course, vary from city to city, but in most cases, they are clean and the seats are covered in white cloth, usually hiding the seatbelts in the back. Many Chinese hop in front with the driver – it is not unusual.
The driver will expect all persons to enter from the passenger (right) side; therefore the driver’s side back door may be locked.
Conversing with the driver:
The driver won’t expect you to speak fluently but a friendly ni hao (pronounced "knee how" in English) meaning "hello" is always nice. Don’t be surprised if the driver looks at your destination written down and hands it back to you with silence or merely a nod.
Do I tip the driver?
Happily, no! Tipping is generally not something you need to worry about in China, and of course in Sanya. Taxi drivers certainly don’t expect it and wouldn’t know what you were intending. They’d probably get out of the car to hand you back your change.
Get and keep the receipt:
After you pay the fare, wait for the receipt to print and take it with you. This has the taxi’s number so if you have any complaints, or happen to forget something in the car, you can call the central number to report it. You can call for taxis complaints: 0898-88276703. This can be convenient for forgotten purchases in the trunk.
WOS have searched around Sanya to get you some of the GREAT places in Sanya and we bring these places to you in the most convenient way by showing you how to get there by using a Taxi. The taxi cards have all the details which also contain Chinese addresses. Just browser through the data, follow the prompts, print a listing and bring them with you to show to the taxi driver.
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