With a splendid combination of clear waters, expansive beaches, stunning mountains and lush rain forests, Sanya is a great destination to truly relax. But how do you relax in style in Sanya? The city’s spas and hot springs are not to be missed.


As the only beachfront tropical city in China, Sanya is an ideal location to indulge in a lavish spa experience. If you are staying in one of Sanya’s high-end hotels there will undoubtedly be an in-house spa service. With the highest concentration of luxury hotels in China, Sanya is the capital of luxury spa in China.


Luxury hotels in Sanya offer a wealth of spa experiences to travelers with breathtaking locations and outstanding service and facilities. Most of them are located near popular beach destinations like Yalong Bay, Dadonghai Beach and Haitang Bay, enabling you to enjoy the stunning sea view while receiving the latest in luxury spa treatments.


Many world-renowned spa brands like Banyan Tree Spa, Lanikai Spa, ESPA, Mandara Spa, Le Spa and Quan Spa operate in luxury hotels in Sanya, offering exotic spa experiences from traditional Thai massage, Turkish baths to French modern beauty treatments. Many of the spas also offer free morning tai chi, kung fu lessons with Shaolin masters as wells as yoga and meditation classes.


Sanya certainly ticks all the boxes here, not only in terms of the range of spa treatments and facilities on offer, but also the incredibly reasonable price tag. Many hotels offer customized spa packages featuring combinations of spa sessions, treatments, meals as well as discounted room rates. Some of them also offer complimentary spa services if you book their rooms.


Besides the hotel spas, there’re also many professional local spas nestling in downtown Sanya. Local Hainan traditions and culture have been incorporated into many spas, so that you may achieve bodily balance through coconut oil massages, coffee skin care or even a seashell spa. These spas are usually close to business centres or tourist attractions, allowing tourists to unwind after a hard day’s shopping or sightseeing.


For those who want to enjoy a relaxing and joyful day with family or friends, a visit to a hot spring is the thing to do. Sanya has two famous hot spring resorts featuring different styles of hot spring experience.



Sanya Nantian Hot Spring

Nantian Hot Spring in Sanya


Nantian Hot Spring


The Nantian Hot Spring, which is the biggest open-air hot spring in China, boasts hot mineral water with an average temperature of 57˚C.


The hot springs here are rich in minerals and trace elements, which can benefit your skin, relieve fatigue and improve health.


There are 34 hot spring pools with different aromatherapies ranging from red wine scented pools to coffee, vanilla, medicinal herbs, and coconut milk.


The resort offers hot spring holidays, recreation, health care, beauty treatments and commercial events.


Price: 198 yuan per person.

Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Address: Nantian Farm, Haitang Bay, Sanya. (Opposite to the Wuzhizhou Island, 19km from Yalong Bay)



Mt.Qixian hot spring in Sanya

Mt. Qixianling Hot Spring in Sanya


Mt. Qixianling Hot Spring


If you are looking for an eco retreat to stay during your vacation in Hainan, nothing could beat the stunning retreat that is Narada Resort & Spa at Qixian Mountain, the perfect combination of nature and luxury in Hainan.


In the shadow of 1,126-meter Mt. Qixian, the hotel is among the very few pristine environments where visitors can enjoy the unique environment – breathing pure mountain air, bathing in hot springs and exploring the primitive rainforest.


These hot springs, with average temperature about 70 degrees C, are regularly tested by authorities. When night falls guests can soak in their own forest bath with a view of the vivid green landscape accompanied by bird song and jungle sounds.


Address: Mt. Qixianling National Forest Reserve, Baoting County, Hainan (within Narada Tropical Resort & Spa, 83 km from downtown Sanya)

www.hainanparadise.com / +86 898 83888888