Along with beautiful sceneries in Sanya, Sanya is also laden with multitude local products. The supermarket and department store can meet up with all your daily demands.
1. Mall

1). Baosheng Emporium

Baosheng Emporium 
Location: Downtown

On December 30, 2008, Sanya’s shopping sector welcomed a new member – Sanya Baosheng Emporium was officially opened to the public. The shop boasts a shopping floorage of 13000sqm, providing a complete collection of commodities ranging garment, shoes, furniture etc for mid to high-income buyers. The 2nd floor is set for supermarket for customers to buy some daily necessities after patronizing the emporium.

2). Tianhong Emporium

Tianhong Emporium
Location: Downtown

Tianhong Emporium is situated on the prosperous Jiefang Er Street, mainly offering famous brand-name commodities, targeting at high-income class and white-collar class among the tourist sector. The emporium often releases promotional information for customers to search for quality, cost-effective articles.

3). Mingzhu Plaza

Mingzhu Plaza
Location: Downtown

Lying opposite to No.2 Market on the Jiefangsan Road of Sanya City, Mingzhu is complete with an interior atrium ranging 1500sqm. It provides such functions as shopping, entertainment, recreation, cinema and caterings. Mingzhu Plaza is orderly tailored with various shops, the 1st to 5th floors of which offers a large collection of brand-name articles from home and abroad; the 6th floor consists of snack shops and electric games center; the 7th floor features cinemas and mid-air bars. Give yourself a day to patronize the shop, you will surely have a good time. Business Hours: 9:30 – 22:00.

4). Summer Mall

Summer Mall
Location: Dadonghai Bay

Lying centrally at the picturesque Dadonghai Tourism Zone, Summer Mall is invested by MAP Singapore Co.,Ltd and operated by SOGO Indoneisa Co., Ltd with an investment of over RMB 100 million. Occupying an outlet area of 2500 sq km, Summer Mall currently boasts the largest commercial shopping center and beachfront commercial square of Sanya City and Hainan Island. Where it collects a large array of brand-name garments, cosmetics, ornaments, finery parlors, prevailing trappings, tourist handicrafts, household decorations, Golf tools and sports appliances of all kinds.

2. Supermarket 

1). Nanguo Jiapin Supermarket

Nanguo Jiapin Supermarket
Location: Downtown

Nanguo Jiapin Supermarket is located at the most commercial section of Jiefang’er Road. It is a large-scale shopping center mainly supplying Hainan specialties. Collection of Hainan products are dazzling and diverse, including seafood and daily appliances. No.1, 2, 8, 10 buses arrive at the Bus Station of Sanya, from where the market is 200 meters ahead.

2). Wanghao Supermarket

Wanghao Supermarket
Location: Downtown

Predecessor of the supermarket is DC Commercial City,which has now become the largest shopping outlet of Sanya after being renovated.The supermarket offers a large array of commodities.Parking won’t be a trouble for self-drivers as in front of the supermarket there is a large-scale parking lot.

3. Hainan clothes

1). Senia (Hainan Garment) Dadonghai Shop

Senia (Hainan Garment) Dadonghai Shop 
Location: Dadonghai Bay

"Wear Sanya Home!" is the slogan of Senia – the vanguard island garment manufacturer. Each shirt fully presents the features of Sanya and its tropical ambience. The garments, with abstract tropical plants and marine creatures as original version augmented with diverse colors, radiate unique recreational atmosphere of tropical regions. Hainan garment is a particular souvenir for travelers to Hainan as well as a special finery culture show of Hainan Island. Today almost all visitors to Hainan will buy one of two sets of Hainan island garments, as if only by which the charm of Sanya can be truly experienced.

2). Palm Beach Monopolized Hainan Garment Store

Palm Beach Monopolized Hainan Garment Store 
Location: Dadonghai Bay

In the middles section of Guangming Road there is a shop selling the island-style garment of Hainan – Senia. The shop is distinctively furnished with the vigorous green as its major color. Walking into the shop, you will be inspired by the tropical ambience and can’t help getting yourself into a dress. "Senia Hainan garments" are rich of Hainan features, suiting for casual dressing in tropical cities. The garments are of various styles such as shorts, pants, men’s T-shirts, women’s T-shirts, to name just a few. Dress in Hainan garments, bring the Hainan features home!

3. Crafts

1). Century Changyuan Crystal

Century Changyuan Crystal
Century(Shiji) Changyuan Crystal was founded in July, 1999. After 6 years of continuous investment, the complex is now covering an area of more than 7000 sqm, in which over 3000 sqm is business floorage. Century(Shiji) Changyuan Crystal is a specially-appointed tourist shopping center mainly offering crystal products and craftworks. Its products use the crystal ore from 701 Mine of Tunchang County, processed through modern carving and polishing techniques. Products available include six series covering necklaces, glasses, crystal drops, bracelets, craftworks and many others.

2). Sanya Dijia Crystal Craftworks Plant

Sanya Dijia Crystal Craftworks Plant 
Location: Suburb & Others

The key composition of crystal is silicon dioxide. Crystal is hexa-column-shaped, the crystalloid of crystal, taking shape through thousands of years of evolution while absorbing the universal spirit, thus is called "stone of Bodhisattva". It is a mascot that can bring fortune and dispel evil spirit. Sanya Dijia Crystal Plant fully takes the local advantageous resources to excavate, process, produce, display and sell the products, offering tourists all sorts of crystal items that you can find in the market.

3). Jingrun Pearl Museum
Jingrun Pearl Museum

Located at the entrance of Sanya Phoenix International Airport covering an area of 2.5 hectares, the compound is the first large-scale pearl museum of China invested by Hainan Jingrun Pearl Co., Ltd. The museum comprises six parts, explaining and showcasing the historical culture of pearls, the formation of pearls, breeding and processing, craftwork of pearl ornaments, identification and appreciation of pearls etc, leading visitors to truly understand the producing and processing procedures of pearls and experience of sense of pearl history. The museum also served as a shopping venue for contestants of 57th Miss World Final.

4). Jiefang Road Buxing Street

Jiefang Road Buxing Street
Location: Downtown

Superiorly located at the commercial hub of Jiefang’er Road, Buxing Street is a landmark recreational shopping complex of Sanya City. Patronizing the street, there is nothing more than recreation. The street is 220m long, gracefully flanked by low-rise buildings. The 1st to 3rd floors of which provide garment, leather goods, F & B service, beauty and hair dress salon, computer games, communication articles, fitness setups etc.


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