Along with bright sunshine and blue ocean, Sanya is also laden with multitude of wonderful souvenirs and gifts. Shell products, coconut powder, pearl, island wears etc. are available everywhere and sold at a reasonable price. 
1. Coconut Crafts 
1). Coconut shells
Coconut Shell
The reason for recommending: The coconut shell can be created different items by using little creativity and ingenuity. Normally,it is enclosed a very beautiful and hardy objects to turn into variety ornaments, such as necklace,earring,bracelet and so on.

2). Coconut Carve

Coconut Carve
The reason for recommending: Varieties of seashells and spiral shells in unique forms and multiple colors,some of which are natural crafts like tiger spots, white jade, nocti-light,swine shells, pearl shells, virgin shells, crown shells, septangular shells, swing ears,horse hoof that can be used for astray and big-angle shells used for clarions by the fishermen.

3. Crystal crafts 

Crystal Craft
The reason for recommending:Crystal is always desired by its advantages for healthy, and it is also believed to bring good luck,different color will realize different wish. The crystal in Sanya area is well-known by its good quality, the famous crystal shops are Dijia Crystal Shop and Changyuan Crystal Shop.
4. Pearl crafts 
The reason for recommending:The pearl of Hainan is big and quality is excellent,the diameter of the biggest pearl king is 15.5 millimeters. The sea water pearl decorations contain necklace, earring, corsage, ring, etc. , and the craft is fine, they are radiant and gaudiness. And they still have the function of caring and hairdressing. Pearl is the symbol of clean,pure and perfect,has always been prized as the jewelry empress, is a vital precious stone.

5. Hainan tea

Hainan Tea 
The reason for recommending:Hainan Island boasts the advantages of being one of the cleanest places on earth, with green hills, clear water, and fresh, unpolluted air, the teas produced in this superior environment are famous for their quality and freshness. Some of the black tea have won prizes from the state Ministry of Foreign Trade, the Ministry of Agriculture and the provincial government, while the tea produced by Nanhai State Farm, Baisha State Farm, and Xinwei State farm have been awarded the state "Green Food" award.The most well-known species are broadleaf holly leaf tea, coconut tea and Languiren green tea.

6. Island Wears

Island Wears
The reason for recommending: Other than the bronze-colored skin, the cotton-made island wears fully adorned with colorful fittings made of coconut shells, seashells, corals and tropical fishes can tell you have been in Sanya, and the products are as well as good presents for friends and families. Hainan island wears is not only favored by tourists, but a must in presence of all official meetings in Hainan, takes lead in the trend of Hainan fashions. Hainan island wears are available at all scenic spots, hotels and monopolized counters of Sanya.

7. Li Brocade

Li Brocade
The reason for recommending:Li ethnic brocades is a wonder of cultural heritage in the history of China. It was called "Jibei Cloth" in ancient times,made of kapok plumule with diverse patterns. Li’s traditional weaving craftwork boasts a history of over 300 years,was widely known as early as in Spring and Autumn Festival,is the earliest cotton-made product of China,waving technique of which is 1000 more years earlier than that of Chinese mainland.

8. Tropical Fruits

Tropical fruits
The reason for recommending:Tropical fruits are those that have their origin in the tropics and require a rather tropical or subtropical climate and don’t tolerate frost. There are hundreds of edible tropical fruits. Some of these are well-known and are exported all around the world.

9. Special Food


Special food
The reason for recommending:If you want to return with the smell of Hainan and Sanya,Hainan specialities are something definitely can’t miss. Sanya offers a big collection of Hainan speciality local products like coffee,coconut pancake,coconut powder…to name just a few. The products are of high quality and cost-effective,deeply favored by the visitors.
10. Dried Seafood
Dried Seafood
The reason for recommending:If you can brave the smell, wander through Sanya’s dried seafood markets. Squid, tuna, mackerel, shrimp, scallops and other unidentifiable creatures look like they swam up from the darkest depths of the ocean only to land on the table of a fanatical drier. Supposedly some of these dehydrated delicacies have medicinal properties. The dried sea snake can reduce fevers and improve blood circulation. Sea cucumbers (there are over 18 species in Hainan) are high in protein and are used in many traditional Chinese medicines. Reconstituting these sea creatures so that they’re edible can require from one hour even one day of preparation, involving a witches brew recipe of soaking, simmering and boiling.
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