Tomi Italian Wines, an Italian wine shop is a newcomer to the business which opened this May 2014, and has been quickly giving quality and expertise to those wanting to know about wines.
Located at the Linchunhe Road area, the entrance and the ambience of the venue is inviting. The interior gives you a strong impression of the owners making a stance in quality that enhances a feeling of warmth. Tomi is a perfect place for functions such as wine tasting.
Hailing from Italy, Mr. Tommaso Minnetti, the owner opened the Tomi Italian Wines in May this year, after successfully creating his first Tomi outlet, a company that exports directly Italian wines to China, in Xingtai, Hebei Province 2 years ago.
Since its opening, Tomi Italian Wines has the dissemination of the wine culture and the tasting of fine wines as its main objectives, offering a consistently authentic Italian wine culture for a discerning clientele of both local residents and visitors. As far as the company is concerned, quality of services and quality wines are their company management priority to ensure customer satisfaction.


As a cozy little haven for wine lovers, the shop imports wine from small wineries in different Italian regions.
Wine shopping at Tomi is an easy affair. The bar has a strong team in serving and greeting customers. While the guests browsing the shelves themselves, an expert sommelier is exceptionally knowledgeable about what they have to offer and is happy to guide guests for free in their discoveries of fantastic new wines and work with you to find the perfect wine to suit your desires.
Apart from a few glasses of complimentary wine, the bar is glad to offer some authentic Italian aperitif courtesy to make sure none had a rumbling belly distracting them from the great wine.
They offer wine by the glass and by the bottle, all served in an elegant atmosphere to allow for both excellent conversation and soundtracked silence as you explore the nose of your wine.
Its unique dining design is ideal for casual drinks with friends, private gatherings and company celebrations. The venue is also equipped with Wi-Fi service.
The showroom, apart from being a retail outlet, also serves as platform to cater our products to the Horeca industry in Sanya.
Therefore, if you are wondering where you can find in Sanya a place with the best wines to taste, don’t look further than Tomi Italian Wines, the one of the stylish Italian wine shops in Sanya, and you will be rewarded with a unique experience.
Tomi Italian Wines 意大利托米红酒
Tel: 0898-8835 3789
Opening hours: 9:00am-11:30pm
Add: 216, Linchunhe Road, Sanya
Chinese add: 三亚市临春河路216