It’s not just the unbeatable combination of sea, beach and sunshine that makes Sanya such a magical tourist city, a wonderful variety of explorations which give visitors insight into Sanya’s tropical culture do exist in this tropical coastal tourist city.
You won’t be starved for choice of museums in Sanya. There are some main state and private museums in the city, not all of which are likely to excite the interest of the average tourist, but you’re almost guaranteed of finding something of interest.
Sanya Museum三亚博物馆
Sanya Museum, opened on October, 1989, is a state museum in Sanya City. Located at Xihexi Road, it is a key cultural infrastructure of Hainan Province.More than 900 items grace the museum, which covers a total of 100 square meters.

Sanya Nature Museum三亚自然博物馆
Sanya Nature Museum is located at National 5A Tourist Site Sanya Dongtian Park Scenic Zone which opened on 9th September 2007. The building area is 2,400 square meters. . The museum shows the real life of the world 140 million years ago, based mainly on dinosaur fossils.
Sanya Pearl Museum 三亚珍珠博物馆
Sanya Pearl Museum is located at Hengxin Avenue of Jiyang area, covering a land area of 23 acres.
The museum consists of six parts, which are Pear History and Culture, Pearl Formation, Cultivation and Processing, Pearl Jewelry Arts and Crafts, Pearl Recognition, Pear Fashion and Ornament Evolution, Pearl for Medicinal Use, Health Preservation and Healthcare.
Additionally, there is an extra-large exhibition hall of 2,500 sqm, displaying series of pearl products. Here the products are rich in varieties. Thousands of individualized and fashionable pearl jewelry at rational price provide you the best appreciation and shopping place for pearl products.

Sanya Folklore Museum三亚民俗博物馆
 Li Brocade
Located at the Vanke Holiday Town, the Sanya Folklore Museum is regional folklore museum which was opened to the public on April 21st, 2015.
The museum covering an area of more than 680 square meters. Being an ethnic museum, it displays cultural relics, pictures, costumes, folk arts and various aspects of the Li minority living in Hainan.
Sanya folk eaglewood museum三亚民间沉香博物馆
Located opposite of Phoenix Island, it is the first folk eaglewood museum in Sanya. The museum covers a land area of nearly 700 square meters.
Dozens of Hainan eaglewood specimens and more than 2,000 various natural eaglewood products are on show at the museum.
The tropical island of Hainan has been producing eaglewood and eaglewood products for over 1,500 years. It takes tens to hundreds of years for eaglewood to be formed. In addition, in natural environments only a small percentage of eaglewood trees produce eaglewood. Hence, eaglewood is rare and precious. Each piece of eaglewood has its own unique fragrance and shape.
The museum will be the largest folk museum in Hainan province, as well as an important base for Sanya’s cultural industry. It is open to the public for free.